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Vanderbilt University

Negotiation Skills for Managers

In this highly interactive two-day program, you’ll learn an analytic framework to help think more clearly about any negotiation you face, and get feedback to help you become a better negotiator. Through a variety of exercises—starting with simple simulations that become increasingly complex—you will be able to immediately see the effects of different negotiation strategies for different scenarios. For more information, click here.
Date: April 28-29, 2014

Location: Owen Graduate School of Management, Nashville, TN

Cost: $1,980

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Wharton—University of Pennsylvania

Global Strategic Leadership

Vigilant leaders scan the periphery to identify threats and pursue opportunities in advance of their rivals. The Global Strategic Leadership program will provide you with the tools to see around the corner to reveal the economic forces shaping the global market. You will explore new frameworks for leading across boundaries, making complex decisions with ambiguous data, and discovering new strategies for volatile and uncertain times. The program will provide you with an opportunity for guided practice in transforming your current strategy and vision into a compelling story that inspires your organization to deliver noteworthy results. For more information, click here.
Program Date: April 1-3, 2014

Cost: $7,500

Contact Name: Katrina S. Clark

Contact Number: 215-898-1776

Contact Email – execed@wharton.upenn.edu

Executive Negotiation Workshop: Bargaining for Advantage

We use a combination of group work and individually tailored sessions in which you receive personal feedback on your unique strengths and weaknesses in negotiating. You will practice new negotiating skills with different partners in a wide variety of situations. Finally, using models that are constantly updated, we work on the real-world problems you bring to Wharton, so you can finish the program with workable solutions to use immediately. This is not a just a workshop of bargaining games but also one that emphasizes the real-world challenges you face every day. Participants who have attended other negotiation workshops in the past invariably tell us that this one sets the standard for excellence. This class is led by Professor Shell who brings decades of practical experience in a wide range of negotiation scenarios (mergers & acquisitions, startups, turnarounds, inside-the-organization problems) to each session. For more information, click here.
Program Date: March 17-21, 2014

Cost: $11,000 USD

Contact Name: Katrina S. Clark

Contact Number: 215-898-1776

Contact Email – execed@wharton.upenn.edu

Strategic Alliances: Creating Growth Opportunities

Strategic Alliances takes a wide view of the process of forming alliances and focuses on the negotiation and evolution of the alliance. It will give you the tools needed to overcome many of the obstacles inherent in new-market expansion or new-product development, and you will learn how to establish a global strategic position with limited time and resources. The program is complementary to Mergers & Acquisitions, which focuses more on valuation and legal issues. For more information, click here.
Program Date: April 28-May 1, 2014

Cost: $7,500

Contact Name: Katrina S. Clark

Contact Number: 215-898-1776

Contact Email – execed@wharton.upenn.edu
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Xavier University

Negotiating Mutual Success

The key elements of effective negotiations are preserving and building upon relationships with others to develop mutually beneficial outcomes and long-term partnerships.  In this hands-on experience, participants will practice the skills for mutually beneficial negotiating, including both planning for successful negotiations, as well as actually applying principled negotiation principles through role playing, related to their work situations.   Learning is immediate and lasting. For more information, click here.
Dates: April 9, 2014

Costs: $595 USD

Contact Number: 513-745-3396 or 800-982-2673

Location: Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio
Table of Contents

Fundamental Competencies

Competencies are the personal and professional attributes that are critical to successful performance in the SES. The fundamental competencies are the attributes that serve as the foundation for each of the Executive Core Qualifications. Experience and training that strengthen and demonstrate the competencies will enhance a candidate's overall qualifications for the SES.

Brookings Institute

Interpersonal Savvy

This course helps you develop the agility to gauge your impact on others, be attentive to emotional cues, and cultivate empathy. The interactive course includes exercises that will help you build valuable skills and create cultures rich in feedback. For more information, click here.
Dates: May 28-29, 2014

Location: Brookings Institute (Washington DC)

Cost: $1,895

Contact Information: (800) 925-5730
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Harvard University

Art and Practice of Leadership Development:

In today’s world, public, private, and nonprofit organizations all want to develop leaders who are stronger, more capable, and more effective in the difficult work they do. That’s why they invest in leadership development for their top professionals, sending them to leadership seminars and hiring consultants to work with them extensively. But times and issues are more challenging than ever, and leaders in organizations find themselves looking for innovative solutions and more frequently being challenged for the decisions they make and the steps that they take. The leadership development practitioners working with them, then, have to be more prepared than ever to work with senior-level executives who face complex problems and operate in high-pressure environments. For more information, click here.
Dates: May 16 – 23, 2014

Location: Harvard Kennedy School-Executive Program (Cambridge, MA)

Cost: $7,500 (includes tuition, housing, curricular materials, and most meals)

For more information on these programs please contact: 617-496-0484

Table of Contents

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