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University of South Carolina

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University of South Carolina

Finance Essentials for the Non-Financial Manager

Corporate restructuring has resulted in broadened responsibilities for many managers. Consequently, financial concerns are an increasing part of the equation, even for those who don’t have a financial background. With today’s increasing emphasis on quantitative measurement of performance, it is virtually imperative that all managers understand the basics of financial analysis. Participants are taught how to evaluate quantitative data and incorporate it into the decision-making process.  For more information, click here.
Dates: TBD         

Fees: $1350/participant ($1050/participant for two or more)

Contact: 803.777.2231 or 800.393.2362
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University of Texas

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Learn how to identify relevant information, apply analytical skills to make better business decisions, and take maximum advantage of business opportunities. Learn the basics or refresh your knowledge of accounting and financial terminology, and financial analysis techniques. This two-day program teaches you how concepts and strategies are integrated into your company’s big picture. You will learn the language of business and begin to understand the reality behind the numbers. Additionally, you will better understand how to address and communicate problems more effectively, identify relevant information, and apply the analytical skills needed to make better business decisions and take maximum advantage of business opportunities. For more information, click here.
Date: February 6-7, 2014

Location: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

Cost: $2,560 (Individual Course); $12,000 - General Management Certificate (includes materials, lunches and breaks.)
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University of Virginia

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

This program provides non-financial managers a familiarity with essential financial terminology, concepts, and applications. With this knowledge, participants will be able to analyze and interpret commonly used financial information in making business decisions and work more effectively with the financial executives in their organizations. For more information, click here.
Dates: March 16-21, 2014

Fee: $8,900 per person.

Location: University of Virginia

Contact Information: Rebecca Yancey Number: 434-924-3000
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University of Washington

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Executives

This three-day seminar introduces essential financial management techniques for effective decision-making and provides a solid understanding of corporate finance. It equips professionals with a comprehensive working knowledge of financial principles and a strong foundation in financial management analysis. You will learn to interpret crucial financial data in ways that will enable you to improve your personal effectiveness and make a more productive corporate contribution. The program will give you the opportunity to meet with peers, share experiences and expand their business knowledge. For more information, click here.
Dates: May 28-30, 2014

Location: UW campus

Fee: $3,300

Contact: 202-543-8560
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University of Wisconsin - Madison

Business Acumen and Strategy for Managers

Many successful, critical thinking decision making executives have difficulty bridging the gap between functional expertise and general management skills. All too often, the specialized skills that made them invaluable in their former role become far less useful in a general management role, while the need for general business skills and decision making tools increases. This skill is often referred to as “business acumen,” which is described as an intuitive understanding of how companies make money and a realization that a compelling vision can be effectively translated into an actionable strategy. We have all met people who have this ability, and we understand that this skill will carry these people much further than specialized expertise alone. This course will “jump start” your business acumen, help you develop compelling business strategies and a communications plan. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: June 9–11, 2014

Cost: $1,995

Contact Number: 608-441-7357

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Executives

This course provides two-and-one-half days of expert instruction, engaging discussion and real-world case studies designed to help you strengthen your business acumen and master the financial language of business. You’ll join in lively discussions with experienced moderators who will take you beyond intimidating financial terms and tools and show you what the numbers really mean…and how you can use them to your advantage. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: February 5-7, 2014; May 5-7, 2014; July 9-11, 2014; September 10-12, 2014; October 20-22, 2014

Cost: $2,095

Contact Number: 608-441-7357

Managing Project Risks

Risk is a given in any project, and the better you understand how to identify and prepare for it, the more likely you are to minimize your risk exposure. Under the guidance of a seasoned project manager, you’ll learn a systems approach and process for identifying, analyzing, planning and controlling risk. The process includes tools, techniques and templates for dealing with different types of project risks, and you’ll have the opportunity to practice identifying and analyzing risk, especially showstoppers. You’ll also learn how the comprehensive risk management plan enables you and your project team to proactively manage issues that could negatively affect the successful control and completion of your project. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: March 3-5, 2014; May 14-16; 2014

Cost: $1,995

Contact Number: 608-441-7357
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