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Smith College

From Specialist to Strategist for Women in Science, Technology and Engineering

From Specialist to Strategist is a watershed collaboration between Smith College, home of the nation’s first engineering program exclusively for women, and the Society of Women Engineers, the world’s leading professional organization for women engineers. For more information, click here.
Program Date: June 8-13, 2014

Location: Smith College

Program Tuition: $7,300 (pending)

Apply: leadership@smith.edu


The Smith-Tuck Global Leadership Program for Woman- with its focus on diverse female perspectives-is recognized as the premier all-women’s global leadership program in the world. For more information, click here.
Program Date: TBD

Location: Smith College

Program Tuition: $9,750

Apply: leadership@smith.edu

Directing InnovationforWomeninScience, TechnologyandEngineering

Offers director-level executives a curriculum focused on driving innovation across functions and beyond borders. For more information, click here.
Program Date: March 17-21, 2014

Location: Smith College

Cost: $7,995

Contact Information: Phone 413-585-2583 Email: leadership@smith.edu
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Southern Methodist University

Certificate in Management

If you’re already a frontline manager or a leader moving into management for the first time, this powerful 10-session course will arm you to handle the toughest managerial challenges. You’ll learn how to build and work effectively with teams, hone your communication skills and motivate others. Because flexibility and agility are critical in today’s workplace, you’ll learn how to recognize work and learning styles and how to resolve interpersonal conflicts when styles collide. You’ll gain practical skills in organizing work and managing projects—from simple to complex. You’ll understand how to manage and measure performance and learn how to apply critical thinking skills to every decision. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: March 4- May 6 2014

Program Location: Dallas, TX

Program Tuition: $3,695; group discounts available

Contact Number: 214-768-3335 or exed@cox.smu.edu

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Stanford University

Interpersonal Dynamics for High Performance Executives

As individuals ascend the management ladder, many find that the soft skills of leadership constitute their hardest challenges. Furthermore, most have come to rely on a familiar set of behaviors and skills. Recent data shows that top-performing leaders exhibit high emotional intelligence; they are able to adapt interpersonally and thrive in a diverse range of situations. Based on two of the Graduate School of Business' most popular and long-standing courses, this program's unique T-Group (Training Group) methodology and 12:1 student-faculty ratio provide a highly personalized learning experience for each participant. In this highly interactive program, senior-level leaders learn how to engage in productive interpersonal exchanges, assess the impact of their own behaviors and leadership styles, and excel at creating more powerful, professional relationships in a variety of contexts. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: June 22-27. 2014

Location: Chaminade Executive Conference Center, Santa Cruz, CA

Cost: $14,500

Contact Number: 650.723.3341

Managing Teams for Innovation and Success

Managing or participating in a team-based work environment can be either exhilarating or exasperating. Given the potential benefits and pitfalls of using teams, when should you use them, how do you choose team members who will accomplish a goal in the most effective manner, and how do you manage them to deliver successful results? For more information, click here.
Program Dates: June 15-20, 2014

Location: Stanford University

Cost: $10,500

Contact Number: 650.723.3341
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The Ken Blanchard Companies

Situational Leadership® II

Situational Leadership II is the most comprehensive and up-to-date, yet practical, method in the world for developing people into self-reliant achievers. Using the Situational Leadership® II Model, managers and their direct reports are able to create a partnership. It teaches managers to analyze, diagnose, think, and apply leadership concepts effectively in any situation. By creating a partnership instead of the typical top-down “boss-employee” relationship, managers are able to engage and develop their employees faster and more effectively. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: Various dates and locations offered.
Program Tuition: $1,695.00 USD - $1,995.00 USD

Contact: 800.272.3933 christine.simmons@kenblanchard.com

Situational Frontline Leadership

All agencies need leaders who can transform plans into action by working with individuals to ensure that their jobs are personally meaningful and motivating. Situational Frontline Leadership equips frontline leaders to effectively handle the situations they face every day. Situational Frontline Leadership uses the same language as Situational Leadership® II, but provides specific microskills of effective management, such as goal setting, listening, giving direction, and ensuring accountability. Managers learn both directive and supportive behaviors, such as establishing timelines, collaborative problem solving, and building partnerships for success click here.
Program Dates: February 10-12, 2014; July 7-9, 2014

Program Location: San Diego

Program Tuition: $1,695.00 USD

Contact: 800.272.3933 christine.simmons@kenblanchard.com

Situational Team Leadership

Situational Team Leadership provides a structured process for developing the full potential of teams. Several research-based models and strategies provide the building blocks of the five-part Team Performance Process. The Team Performance Process is a systematic method for increasing team effectiveness and innovation. It can be adapted to fit any team, regardless of its purpose, pursuit, type, or size. Participants learn to identify the characteristics of high-performing teams, create a team charter, diagnose the stages of team development, and provide continual support throughout the team’s life cycle. The Team Performance Process simplifies the often-complex nature of teams training and provides the knowledge and tools that participants can immediately apply back on the job. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: October 28-29, 2014; March 3-4, 2014; September 15-16, 2015

Program Location: San Diego, CA

Program Tuition: $1,175

Contact: 800.272.3933 christine.simmons@kenblanchard.com

Optimal Motivation

Optimal Motivation maintains that a person is always motivated—it is the type of motivation that makes a difference. What matters is not how much motivation a person has, but the quality of motivation that is experienced. Optimal Motivation is grounded in a powerful assumption: Motivation is a skill. Motivation can be taught, learned, developed, and nurtured. Optimal Motivation leverages leaders’ natural desire to achieve meaningful goals, craft solutions to problems, be competent in seizing opportunities, and build a strong caring, and supportive organizational community and culture. For more information, click here.
Program Dates:February 24-25, 2014; May 19-20, 2014; October 20-21, 2014

Program Location: San Diego, CA

Program Tuition: $1,175

Contact: 800.272.3933 christine.simmons@kenblanchard.com

DISCovering Self and Others

Using the online DISC Profile and dynamic classroom activities, your employees learn how to adapt their behavior in order to communicate and relate more effectively, and interact more skillfully with others. By developing an appreciation of others’ behavioral preferences and acknowledging their own unique strengths and areas for development, participants will create more satisfying, meaningful, and productive business and personal relationships. DISCovering Self and Others is designed in a modular format that can be tailored to a particular schedule. Employees learn to identify and understand their own behavior patterns (DISCovering Self); and how to identify, understand, and better respond to others’ behavior patterns (DISCovering Others). For more information, click here.
Program Dates: April 7, 2014; October 13, 2014

Program Location: San Dieg, CA

Program Tuition: $795

Contact: 800.272.3933 christine.simmons@kenblanchard.com
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