Leadership Development Programs, Courses and ecq-based Readings

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Penn State University

Developing Managerial Effectiveness

Developing Managerial Effectiveness provides an integrated approach to strategic, financial, and performance management. Participants will hone strategic thinking, decision-making, personal leadership, and influence skills while maximizing the use of performance management systems to increase their contribution to organizational growth. For more information, click here.
Dates: TBD

Fee: $5,750

Location: University Park, PA

Contact: 1-800-311-6364 or psep@psu.edu
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Rice University

Leading and Managing High-Performance Teams

“High achieving teams focus the creative energy of individuals towards an outcome, while ineffective teams are hampered by internal conflict and poor decision-making. By analyzing the characteristics of high performing teams and understanding the ripple effects of individual preference, participants will leave the course with techniques to successfully organize teams, create organizational enablers, manage conflict, and derive success.”
Dates: April 15-16, 2014 or December 9-10, 2014

Location: Houston, TX

Costs: $2,500

Contact Number: 713.348.6060
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Rollins College

Crummer Management Program-MiniMBA

An eighteen-week Mini-MBA™ program tailored to professionals seeking new management skills and tools to competitively succeed and lead in an uncertain world. As a participant in this program, you can look forward to engaging peer discussions, readings, and problem-solving led by faculty from the business school ranked #1 in Florida by Forbes.  For more information, click here.

Dates: January 28 – May 29, 2014 (Deadline is January 14, 2014)

Times: Tuesday evenings, 6:30-9:30pm (Attendance is required at 80% of the program's class sessions to receive certificate. Missed classes may be attended the following semester to complete the certificate requirements. 

Location: Bush Executive Center/Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College Campus

Cost: $3,250 per person for the entire 54-hour program

Leveraging Conflict for Positive Results

Got conflict? Of course you do. Conflict is inevitable in organizations. The key is what you and other leaders do with it. Differing ideas, approaches, expectations, and opinions often lead to on-going conflict, strained relationships, decline in performance, and project derailment. What many leaders and organizations fail to grasp is that not all conflict is negative, painful or unpleasant. Harnessing the power of conflict can and should become a competitive advantage. For more information, click here.

Date: May 6, 2014

Location: Rollins College, Crummar Graduate School of Business Bush Executive Center

Fees: $230
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Skillsoft: eLearning and Performance Support Solutions

Skillsoft is a pioneer in the field of learning with a long history of innovation. Skillsoft provides cloud based learning solutions for its customers worldwide, ranging from global enterprises, government, and education to mid-sized and small businesses. Skillsoft's customer support teams draw on a wealth of in-house experience and a comprehensive learning e-library to develop off-the-shelf and custom learning programs tailored to cost-effectively meet customer needs. Skillsoft's courses, books and videos have been developed by industry leading learning experts to ensure that they maximize business skills, performance, and talent development. Skillsoft maintains mappings for a variety of competency models. These mappings help to direct the individual learner to specific Skillsoft learning assets that are directly aligned with the particular subject area and training requirements. Nearly 500 hours of e-learning assets, 1,000 online books and book summaries, and 200 videos are aligned to the OPM Guide to Senior Executive Service Qualifications (ECQ’s).

Skillsoft OPM-ECQ Leading People
Content Summary:


Courses & Simulations













Conflict Management





Leveraging Diversity





Developing Others





Team Building





Click here for a complete list of assets and descriptions specific to each ECQ competency.
Dates: Available 24x7x365
Location: Web-enabled content available with internet connectivity
Cost: Most US Federal agencies are currently licensed for a range of Skillsoft learning assets that can support Leadership Development initiatives. Please contact your organization’s Training Administrator for specific information and access.
More Information: https://community.skillsoft.com/USGOV/Competency_public.asp

Click here for resources related to OPM’s Federal Supervisory Training

Email LeadershipTraining@Skillsoft.com for additional guidance.

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