Leadership Development Programs, Courses and ecq-based Readings

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Leadership Development Programs, Courses and ECQ-based Readings

I will prepare and some day my chance will come.

Abraham Lincoln

Great leaders create and communicate a vision and move people into action to achieve it. They ignite our passion and inspire us to do our best. To be successful, leaders must develop the essential skills to effectively communicate, motivate their employees, fine-tune critical thinking skills, and build and leverage partnerships. They must also understand the organizational and political environment that surrounds them and be proficient in planning and managing human, financial and technology resources. Future leaders must possess the ability to think strategically, identify trends and be innovative. Being technically adept in your field will no longer be enough. Therefore, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) identified five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and six Fundamental Competencies that all aspiring and emerging government leaders and executives must possess. They are based on extensive research regarding the attributes of successful executives in both the private and public sector. The ECQs represent the best thinking of organizational psychologists, human resources professionals, and members of the Federal Senior Executive Service (SES).

This catalog includes information about leadership programs, courses and resources to help you gain or improve your leadership skills. If you are on the leadership journey and have team leader, supervisory, or managerial experience, but need to hone in on certain skills or if you are an aspiring leader who wants to become an effective team leader, supervisor or manager, this catalog provides information about programs, courses and resources to build your leadership skills. It predominantly lists short-term training programs and longer-term courses from universities, colleges and non-profit organizations such as think-tanks; and lists such by ECQs and Fundamental Competencies. The resources listed will facilitate your growth and development as an incumbent or aspiring leader; and will be helpful in preparing an Individual, Leadership or Executive Development Plan. Before making final plans to register, please be sure to check each institution’s website or call the contact number provided to confirm that the information is still current. Please note, the listing of these courses does not constitute endorsement of their content by the Department of Energy or any agency of the Federal Government.

This edition of the catalog also includes a wide range of online learning resources including e-learning courses, online books, targeted links, on-demand videos, live Web events, digital job aids, case studies, and mentoring help. In many cases, federal agency personnel already have access to Skillsoft online learning resources through their enterprise learning management systems. We encourage you to explore your in-house options by contacting your agency learning program manager or send an email to LeadershipTraining@Skillsoft.com for additional information as these resources may already be available to you at no cost.
How to Navigate the Catalog
This catalog is designed for easy navigation. It has an interactive Table of Contents that is composed of two sections: Organization of this Catalog and Leadership Programs and Courses by ECQ. The Organization of this Catalog section presents an overview of the structure of the catalog and provides easy access allowing you to move within the entire catalog by clicking on the hyperlinks to the various resources contained within, including the Descriptions of the Five ECQs; Leadership Programs and Courses by ECQs; Recommended ECQ-related Readings; and tools for career planning such as interest assessments, interview skills and building a federal resume. This section also includes links to two searchable web-based tables – the Master Course Index and the Readings Index. The Master Course Index can be used to search for courses based on a primary ECQ, cost, and/or location. The Readings Index lists books by ECQ and includes author, title, date and a brief summary. Both the Master Course Index and the Readings Index are available online by clicking on the links provided in the appropriate sections of the catalog.
The Leadership Programs and Courses by ECQ section is divided into five subsections that include descriptions of leadership programs or courses sorted by ECQ. To make it easier for you to locate courses specific to your developmental needs, the table of contents is organized by ECQ and each course has been matched to a primary ECQ. However, it is important to note that some programs and courses may fit the parameters for more than one ECQ. This section also provides details about the date the specific programs or courses are offered, the location, the cost and the weblink to the institution offering the programs or courses. Clicking the hyperlink in the descriptions will take you directly to the institution’s website for additional information. Clicking a page number on the table of contents will take you directly to that section of the catalog.
We are in our fourth year of producing this catalog and could not be more pleased with the quality of support and efforts by the federal staff and university student volunteers listed below.
For the January 2014 Edition, I wish to thank Jody Aremband, Benjamin Petit, and Patrick Spring. Thanks also go to the President’s Management Council Fellows – Heidi M. Casta, Karl Rusch and Deborah Stephenson – for providing guidance and direction to the interns in developing this edition.
We also wish to remember and thank students and employees who were instrumental in creating earlier editions: Kyle Adams, Ali Baker, David Dinh, Joseph Park, Joyce Chiang, Gerri French, Kaitlin Greco, Nathan Horowitz, Mickey Jackson, Art Johnson, Patti McMullen, Mapricionne McQueen, Jaafar Ouardi, Russ Ryan, and Renee Reynolds.
Recommendations? Please let us know of any recommendations for additional course providers or other leadership readings that should be included. Additional segments needed? Please let us know what else you would recommend be included in this catalog or any non-working links or links that take you to the wrong location.
If you are aware of other federal distribution lists that would be appropriate to use in making this catalog and future updates available to current or aspiring leaders, please send us a link and permission-to-use contact information. We have also been requested to begin making this catalog available to interested State and County Government offices. Information about State/County distribution lists would also be appreciated. This catalog is for anyone interested in being a part of the responsive and competitive federal workforce of the future.
Please send any recommendations or information about corrections to:


David Rosenmarkle

SESCDP Program Manager

Executive Learning and Development

Office of Learning and Workforce Development

United States Department of Energy

Washington, DC 20585

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