Leadership Development Programs and ecq-based Readings

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Sample Resume 1

Uncle Sam

1111 Career Place

Job Center, Maryland 20502

Business: 301-123-1111 – Residence: 301-678-4321
Country of citizenship: United States of America

Veterans’ Preference: No

Highest Grade: GS-0201-13, 10/2005-Present

Contact Current Employer: Yes


Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full Time


US-MD-Montgomery County


Employer Name: National Institutes of Health Dates: 6/95 – Present

National Cancer Institute Grade Level: GS-12

6130 Executive Blvd., Room 4296 Salary: $67,555

Bethesda, MD 20892 Hours Per Week: 40

Supervisor: David Marshall (301) 444-1111 (Permission to contact)

Title: Program Manager:

  1. Serve as Program Manager for $8,000,000 contract, with two locations, seven Federal and 12 contract employees

  2. Manage a staff of four Program Analysts and three Program Assistants

  3. Advise Administrative Officers on extramural program issues including grant funding, policies, and procedures

  4. Counsel grantees on grant questions and concerns

  5. Present over 30 grant writing workshops to grantees and staff per year.

  6. Developed a grant writing training manual that has been used as a model by other extramural departments within NCI

  7. Manage 45 grantees and 125 grants with a total budget of $40,000,000

  8. Coordinate with Program Directors and Administrative Officers on the allocation of grant funding

  9. Instruct NIH Extramural Grant Writing Basic Course and NIH Extramural Grant Writing Advanced Course

Employer Name: National Institutes of Health Dates: 6/93 – 6/95

National Cancer Institute Grade Level: GS-11

6130 Executive Blvd., Room Salary: $53,255

Bethesda, MD 20892 Hours Per Week: 40

Supervisor: Howard Gordon (301) 444-3333 (Permission to contact)

  1. Served as Project Officer for $2,000,000 contract

  2. Coordinated award pay and bonuses for NCI

  3. Advised NCI Managers on personnel actions

  4. Provided reports to internal customers, senior level managers, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Office of Personnel Management

  5. Coached, motivated, and supervised three employees to provide exceptional customer service

  6. Presented workshops on personnel management and contract management Created and maintained multiple databases on benefits, payroll, and personnel actions Employer Name: National Institutes of Health Dates: 7/90 – 6/93

National Cancer Institute Grade Level: GS-09

6130 Executive Blvd., Room 3535 Salary: $53,255

Bethesda, MD 20892 Hours Per Week: 40

Supervisor: Tony Stevens (301) 444-1212 (Permission to contact)

Title: Program Analyst

  1. Advised and counseled NCI employees on personnel questions and issues

  2. Reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated the NCI extramural program

  3. Developed program goals and policies

  4. Responsible for all recruit actions within the department

  5. Supervised two stay in school students and one secretary

  6. Provided program support in the areas of personnel management, administration and budget

  7. Maintained performance appraisal system for the Institute

  8. Developed standard performance elements for NCI positions

  9. Trained and advised the administrative officers on personnel and policy issues


Master of Business Administration, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, 2001

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA, 1990 – G.P.A. 3.6 JOB RELATED TRAINING

Managing Multiple Projects, American Management Association, 2002

Project Management, American Management Association, 2001

Administrative Office Management, USDA Graduate School, 1999

Federal Government Grant Writing, USDA Graduate School, 1997

Personnel Actions and Personnel Management Course, USDA Graduate School, 1995

Staffing and Placement, USDA Graduate School, 1995 HONORS AND AWARDS

Excellence in Management (NCI), 2001

NCI Director’s award for Excellence in Extramural Program Development, 1999 & 2001

Received outstanding performance appraisal, 1990 – Present

NCI Outstanding Leader Award (1996 & 1999) AFFILIATIONS

Coach – Girls Softball (ages 10 –12) Rockville, MD, 1998 – Present

Coordinate fundraisers and manage the softball league’s finances


NIH Human Resources Consolidation Committee (2002)

NCI Human Resources Computer Research Team (1999-2001)

Sample Resume 2
Michael Cavalier

4184 Cantara Lane | Berkeley, CA | 94720 | Mobile: 415.425.1855 | michael.cavalier@gmail.com


Economist, 0110-16


Veteran’s Preference: N/A | Federal Civilian Status: N/A | Country of Citizenship: USA


Federal Reserve Board of the Bay Area | Oakland, CA 6/2011 - Present

Senior Examiner

  • Supported the development and execution of effective supervision programs for evaluating market and liquidity risk consistent with bank standards and expectations

  • Monitored issues, trends, and developments through the review of internal risk management reports, regulatory filings, regulatory surveillance results, regulatory examination reports and work papers

  • Documented analysis of financial and business issues which highlighted emerging issues and trends that warranted further review

  • Supported the supervision and coordination of examination and inspection activities

  • Oversaw on-site inspections and examination activities and assessed findings, conclusions, and recommended ratings

  • Coordinated examination and inspection activities to ensure objectives and deadlines were met in accordance with bank standards and expectations

  • Developed and sustained sound working relationships with domestic and foreign regulators by using communication, teamwork, and influencing skills to ensure appropriate leverage of their work in support of the overall supervisory program

USA Financial Services | Palo Alto, CA 9/2007 – 9/2009

Wealth Management Personal Trust Relationship Manager

  • Acted as an administrator of trust accounts for high net worth clients where the bank acts as a trustee, executor, administrator, conservator, guardian, depositor, or agent

  • Provided expert advice and counsel related to personal trust product and services

  • Administered accounts in a manner that ensured compliance with legal requirements and business lines policies and procedures

  • Managed the development and sustainability of client relationships for Wealth Management

Brown Brothers Harriman| Denver, CO 7/2006 – 9/2007

Compliance Analyst, Investor Services

  • Monitored compliance requirements for funds daily utilizing Charles River Development ComplianceMaster system

  • Prepared monthly and quarterly compliance reports which included solutions to compliance issues published in the Quarterly Board Reports

  • Assisted Compliance Business Analyst with ComplianceMaster rule-writing

  • Completed review of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly compliance reporting for staff analyst


Graduate School of Business, University of Southern Los Angeles | Los Angeles, CA

Masters of Business Administration May 2011

University of Los Angeles | Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics May 2006

Bachelor of Arts, Chicana and Chicano Studies May 2006


FINRA Series 7, 24, and 63












Career Interest Assessments/Surveys

Career interest assessments/surveys are designed to discover the skills, aptitude and talents of candidates. A self-assessment can be helpful in assessing the areas in which a candidate has strengths and where they are weak. The results are useful in helping candidates choose a career that is in tune with their goals and talents. These types of assessments have been proven to introduce more career options, increase satisfaction in one’s career plan and increase understanding of oneself.

Below is a list of five free career interest assessment/surveys. After taking the assessments, users will discover their skills, values, interests, personality type, and other information about themselves. With this information, a user will have the ability to create a career plan which will keep them motivated and satisfied at work.

Skill Cow: www.skillcow.com

Skillcow is a free personality and career assessment that provides users with information and statistics on careers that are most suitable for them. During the assessment, selecting tags and groupings will help narrow down career paths that are most suitable for the user i.e., creativity, growth potential, and safety of others. After completion of the assessment, a compiled list of the top professions/trades that are most suitable to the user based on their interests and preferences are then provided to them. Lists of schools are then presented to the user to choose from if they do decide to pursue their specific career path.

Career Cluster Interest Survey: http://www.iseek.org/careers/clusterSurvey

ISEEK, Minnesota’s comprehensive career, education, and job resource, provides prospective job seekers with a free career cluster interest survey that consists of activities, personal qualities, and school subjects in which they are asked to select from. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes and when completed, suggestions are then made in which careers are collectively pieced together in groups that are a match in relation to the participant’s interests. An example of a cluster would be: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics - workers who move people and products by road, air, rail, and water. You might work as a driver, pilot, engineer, or captain. You might repair or maintain the vehicles, trains, planes, and ships that move people and products. Or, you might work behind the scenes to make sure the products and people get to the right place on time.

Tennessee Career Information Delivery System: http://tcids.tbr.edu/interest_profiler.php

Tennessee Career Information Delivery System is a free assessment based on the Holland RAISEC code as well as the O*Net Job Zone classifications. Users are expected to answer 180 questions which vary from assisting doctors in treating patients to managing a clothing store. After the assessment is completed, users are then required to select a job zone which is directly associated with the level of education or experience that they have achieved. With collaboration from O*Net, detailed information about the KSA’s, education needed, abilities, work activities, interests, work styles, salary and outlook are provided for each career/profession.

Rutgers Career Services: http://careerservices.rutgers.edu/OCAassessyourself.shtml

Rutgers Career Services offers free assessments that can help define user’s interests, skills, and values. They use John Holland’s Theory of Vocational Development which states that people can be loosely classified into six categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social Enterprising, and Conventional. Careers can also be sorted into these same categories and if a person chooses a career which aligns with their personality style they are more likely to be satisfied with their career. The Interests Assessment allows users to learn your career preferences, the Skills Assessment allows users to learn their strengths and abilities, and the Values Assessment allows users to see what values they think are important. After finishing each assessment users can figure out what personality type they are and discover career options and gather career information based on their personality type. Rutgers Career Services also offers a Career Decision-Making Model which can assist users in choosing the correct career for them.

Career Test Center: http://www.careertest.net/cgi-bin/q.pl

The Career Test Center offers a free personality assessment using Type theory. Type theory suggests that human behavior is not random but predictable and classifiable. What type you are says quite a bit about a person -- their likes and dislikes, their likely career choices, their compatibility with others, and so on. After completing the assessment, users will be assigned a four letter personality type which will show whether they are extroverted or introverted, sensing or intuitive, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. From there the Career Test Center defines user’s personality type and offers careers based on their personality type.

“Quick Leadership Strategy/Impact Articles”

Below is a list of articles from Mind Tools that help teach practical skills you need to excel in your career. The articles will help you become a better leader, show you how to advance in your career, and teach you how to work more efficiently to get the most out of your career at the Department of Energy.


  • Leadership Styles: Choosing the Right Style for the Situation

  • 10 Common Leadership and Management Mistakes

  • Ethical Leadership: Doing the Right Thing

  • Leading Equals: Motivating People Effectively, Without Authority

Communication Skills

  • Communications Planning: Getting the Right Messages Across in the Right Way

  • Writing Effective Emails

  • Better Public Speaking: Becoming a Confident, Compelling Speaker

  • Active Listening: Hear What People are Actually Saying

  • Body Language: Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

  • Making a Great First Impression

Team Relations

  • How to Be a Good Team Member: Maximizing Your Contribution

  • The JD-R Model: Analyzing and Improving Employee Well-Being

  • Emotional Intelligence: Developing Strong "People Skills"

  • How to Demonstrate Leadership at Work through Team Building and People Skills

Time Management

  • 10 Common Time Management Mistakes

  • To Do Lists: The Key to Efficiency

  • Prioritization: Making Best Use of Your Time and Resources

  • Project Schedule Development: Planning the Timing and Sequence of Project Activities

Online/Social Media

Career Goals

  • Finding Career Direction: Discover Yourself and Your Purpose

  • Creating Job Satisfaction: Getting the Most From Your Job

  • Personal Goal Setting: Planning to Live Your Life Your Way

  • Job Crafting: Shaping Your Job to Fit You Better

Other Skills

  • Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Thinking On Your Feet: Staying Cool Under Pressure

  • Project Management Phases and Processes

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Senior Executive Service Courses and Seminars

Compiled by the Office of Learning and Workforce Development

United States Department of Energy

If you have suggestions for additional university or private industry programs to add to this list, please forward to:

David Rosenmarkle at david.rosenmarkle@hq.doe.gov

For use by all Federal employees

Last Updated July 2013

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