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Carnegie Mellon

Leadership and Change Management in a Multicultural Context

This four-day program offered by the Carnegie Bosch Institute integrates key approaches of Cross-Cultural and Change Management which, when combined, provide targeted concepts and applied tools to successfully bridge national cultural gaps, effectively maneuver the dynamics of organizational culture, and better align and engage people in change processes in increasingly globalized businesses. For more information, click here.

Dates: November 18-21, 2013

Location: Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

Cost: $5,200

Contact Information: 412-268-7812

Center for Creative Leadership

Leadership at the Peak

Leadership at the Peak is for leaders of the enterprise. It is designed exclusively for C-level and senior executives in the top three tiers of the organization: Those with more than 15 years of management experience and leadership responsibility for 500 or more people. The Leadership at the Peak experience is driven by detailed, personal leadership assessments that tailor the program to the specific needs of each participant. The depth of feedback is often cited as the most valuable aspect of the program experience. The assessment process begins several weeks in advance and engages the participant as well as their boss, direct reports and peers. To ensure participants have the optimum background to benefit from the program, admission is by application only. For more information about and to register for this program, click here.

Dates: Jul 29-Aug 2; Aug 12-16; Aug 26-30; Sep 9-13; Sep 23-27; Oct 7-11; Oct 14-18; Oct 28-Nov 1; Nov 4-8; Nov 18-22; Dec 2-6; Dec 9-13

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Cost: $11,800

Contact Information: Phone: 1.336.545.2810 Email: info@ccl.org

Table of Contents

Colorado State University

Short courses in organizational dynamics

    • Ally Relationships:  This day long program will provides methods and tools to become the trusted confidant and ally necessary to establish long-term business relationships.  (Two 3 hour sessions)

    • Solving the Generations Puzzle: Multiple Generations Working Side by Side:  This workshop is for managers and members of multigenerational teams who want to move from judging to understanding – and learn to appreciate and leverage differences.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Power and Politics:  This program assesses individual power and examines six stages of power and how to use them effectively as a manager.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Managing Conflict to Enhance Organization Performance:  A two day seminar designed to increase knowledge, skill, and awareness in order to effectively manage disagreements and conflict.  (Two day session)

    • Beyond Gender: Leveraging Gender Differences for Workplace Results:  In this interactive and light-hearted workshop, participants will learn the business case for leveraging feminine as well as masculine approaches to leadership and management.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Innovation and Creativity:  This lively session deals with idea fluency, creative solutions to problems, and establishing and maintaining an environment that supports creativity.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Conflict Management:  Learn the ways to openly and appropriately confront issues and solve interpersonal issues with ease.  (One 3 hour session)

    • For more information about these courses, click here.

Table of Contents

Short courses on leadership

    • Multidimensional Leadership:  This program explores how leadership is changing for the 21st Century and the demographics pushing the changes while helping participants emerge with a plan for action to gain and refine leadership competencies.  (One 4 hour session)

    • Leading High Performance Teams: Understanding the Keys to Effective Team Dynamics:  A two day workshop that will give participants a greater understanding of teamwork and leadership skills for the development and management of high performance teams.  (Two day session)

    • Targeted Retention: Being the Organization of Choice:  One day program developing concepts of how to build a foundation of managerial practices that attracts and keeps the most talented people.  (One day session)

    • Delegation:  The class provides an overview of the components of effective delegation and how it can be accomplished to ensure that delegated tasks are given to the right person in a way that ensures success and learning and truly moves the performance of delegated tasks.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Managing and Leading Organizations:  This course is designed to assist participants in improving the ability to exercise effective leadership within the organization as well as with customer and vendors.  (Two day session)

    • Coaching for Performance:  This workshop develops the various types of coaching and the appropriate circumstances in which to use them.  (One 3 hour session)

    • The Journey Within: Understanding and Capitalizing on Leadership Talents:  One day workshop that makes use of the Myers-Briggs Self Assessment instrument to assist participants in developing action plans to maximize leadership strengths.  (One day session)

    • The Leadership Edge: An Authentic Style:  A seminar that utilizes “self-discovery” to help leaders realize who they are (intrinsically) and how their stories shape their authentic style.  (One day session)

    • Performance Management Tools for Executives:  This program provides middle managers with an opportunity to refine their skills in goal setting, measuring performance, and giving feedback.  (One day session)

  • For more information about these courses, click here.

Contact Number: (970) 491-6265 or jim.francis@business.colostate.edu
Table of Contents

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