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The Graduate School (DC)

Leading People

Develop insight into critical leadership behaviors and how to adapt them to the needs of your organization through this highly interactive seminar. Explore the Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) Leading People and the fundamental leadership competencies. Examine trust and integrity as the foundations for leadership while learning to maximize performance. Explore the dynamics of team leadership and how to create a "Culture of Greatness," through coaching and empowerment. For more information, click here.
Dates: July 29-31, 2013

Location: Washington, DC (USDA)

Tuition: $1,595

Contact Number: 202-314-3300 or toll free (888) 744-GRAD (888-744-4723)
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Harvard University

Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage

Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage is a provocative program that introduces a set of conceptual frameworks and a unique teaching method designed to challenge your fundamental assumptions about how you can courageously and effectively exercise leadership and authority during difficult times. The five-day program requires participants to be actively engaged on several levels - in the classroom, in small groups, and in individual reflection. You will discuss issues like creating and claiming value, understanding the relationship between leadership and authority, exercising influence, and managing the individual and institutional dynamics of change. We will explore a wide range of leadership strategies and practice new ways of exercising leadership, whether in a position of authority or just one member of a group. We will confront the dangers and risks associated with exercising leadership – the chaos and conflict – and explore how. For more information, click here.

Dates: September 8, 2013 - September 13, 2013; January 26, 2014 - January 31, 2014

Application Deadline(s): July 8, 2013; November 26, 2013

Cost: $6,800 (includes tuition, housing, curricular materials and most meals)

Contact Number: 617-496-0484
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Michigan State University

Managing Project Teams

Through instructional methods such as role-playing, teach-backs and other participant-centered exercises, you will gain a practical understanding of Project Management Institute’s (PMI) “Human Resource Management” and “Communications Management” knowledge areas of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide, 2000). For more information, click here.

Dates: October 10-11, 2013

Location: The James B. Henry Center for Executive Development, Lansing, Michigan

Cost: $1495.00 – full tuition

Contact: Phone: 517-353-8711 Email: vescolan@msu.edu
Table of Contents

Maximizing Sales Team Performance

A large percentage of sales supervisors and managers are promoted from within the ranks of the sales force.  However, the competencies required for thriving in a managerial capacity and for driving sales team success are different than that required to be an effective individual sales performer. This program is designed to build the skills that sales managers need to maximize organizational performance. For more information, click here.
Dates: TBD

Location: The James B. Henry Center for Executive Development, Lansing, Michigan

Cost: $1,995.00 – full tuition (includes materials, meals and certificate of completion)

Contact Number: 517.353.9711 x71005

MIT Sloan Business School

Managing Technical Professionals and Organizations

Technical professionals' goals and incentives are often different from those of other employees, and so are the management challenges that arise. Drawing on the wealth of research and industry experience of faculty and leading practitioners, this program will explore proven, practical, and innovative strategies for maximizing the contribution of technical professionals. This intensive program will focus on individual contributors and members of project teams, including cross-functional teams, and examines how to work effectively with prima donnas and independent spirits. For more information, click here.
Dates: Oct 31-Nov 01, 2013; Mar 20-21, 2014; Jul 08-09, 2014; Nov 04-05, 2014

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cost: $2,900 (excluding accommodations)

Contact Information: Phone 617-253-7166 Email sloanexeced@mit.edu
Table of Contents

Intelligent Organizations: Collaborations and the Future of Work

This intensive new program is designed to help managers understand how to create competitive advantage by harnessing new organizational approaches made possible by the latest wide-ranging communications technologies. It will illustrate how people and computers can be connected in new, creative ways so that—collectively—they act more intelligently than any person, group, or computer has ever done before. For more information, click here.
Oct 21-22, 2013; Apr 03-04, 2014; Jun 26-27, 2014; Oct 21-22, 2014

Cambridge, Massachusetts

$2,900 (excluding accommodations)

E-mail: sloanexeced@mit.edu
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New York University

Great Leadership: Developing Practical Leadership Skills

This program is based on the premise that leadership is not a genetic inheritance. It’s a skill to acquire and master. A journey to commence and complete. This program will provide you a framework for that skill and a template for that journey. For more information, click here.

Dates: September 30 - October 1, 2013 

Location: NYU Campus, Greenwich Village
: $2,800 (Accommodations not included)

Contact Number: (212) 998 - 0789

Table of Contents

Leadership Training For High Potentials

Leadership is about change: being able to make things happen with, and through, other people.  Yet the world within which leaders operate is complex, dynamic, and unpredictable.  To be effective as a leader, one needs to understand that world (i.e., how things work within one’s organization and one’s industry) but also willing and able to challenge the status quo.  One needs to be able to articulate a compelling vision, but also to get that vision implemented.  One needs to be highly competent as an individual contributor, yet also highly effective in motivating and inspiring others.  In addition, leaders need to find the right balance between traditional top-down approaches to leading and collaborative/distributed approaches, and to work within a context that is less and less about control and formal authority and more and more about trust and informal influence. For more information, click here.

Dates: September 26 - 27, 2013

Location: NYU Campus, Greenwich Village
: $2,800 (Accommodation Not Included)

Contact Number: (212) 998 – 0789
Table of Contents

Power and Politics: Developing Conflict Management Skills

Politics is not a dirty word!  We just have to learn how to play productive politics.  By the same logic, power by itself does not necessarily corrupt though absolute power may corrupt absolutely. The reality of the modern organization requires its members to cultivate conscious power and participate in productive politics to ensure effective management of conflict to benefit the individual, the team and the organization. Organizations suffer not due to the presence of politics, but the absence of political skills to effectively manage those politics.  The goal of this program is to provide participants with the tools to understand and master this imperative, yet elusive, skill. For more information, click here.

Dates: TBD 

Location: NYU Campus, Greenwich Village

Program Tuition: $2,800

Contact Number: (212) 998 - 0789
Table of Contents

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