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Descriptions of the Five Executive Core Qualifications

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Descriptions of the Five Executive Core Qualifications

The Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) define the competencies needed to build a federal corporate culture that drives for results, serves customers, and builds successful teams and coalitions within and outside the organization. The Executive Core Qualifications are required for entry to the Senior Executive Service and are used by many departments and agencies in selection, performance management, and leadership development for management and executive positions. OPM's Guide to the Senior Executive Service Qualifications provides detailed information on the Executive Core Qualifications.

ECQ 1: Leading Change
Definition: This core qualification involves the ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to establish an organizational vision and to implement it in a continuously changing environment.
Associated competencies:

  • Creativity and innovation

  • External awareness

  • Flexibility

  • Resilience

  • Strategic thinking

  • Vision

ECQ 2: Leading People
Definition: This core qualification involves the ability to lead people toward meeting the organization's vision, mission, and goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts.
Associated competencies:

  • Conflict management

  • Leveraging diversity

  • Developing others

  • Team building

ECQ 3: Results Driven
Definition: This core qualification involves the ability to meet organizational goals and customer expectations. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to make decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risks.
Associated competencies:

  • Accountability

  • Customer service

  • Decisiveness

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Problem solving

  • Technical credibility

ECQ 4: Business Acumen
Definition: This core qualification involves the ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically.
Associated competencies:

  • Financial management

  • Human capital management

  • Technology management

ECQ 5: Building Coalitions
Definition: This core qualification involves the ability to build coalitions internally and with other Federal agencies, State and local governments, nonprofit and private sector organizations, foreign governments, or international organizations to achieve common goals.
Associated competencies:

  • Partnering

  • Political savvy

  • Influencing/negotiating

Fundamental Competencies

Competencies are the personal and professional attributes that are critical to successful performance in the SES. The fundamental competencies are the attributes that serve as the foundation for each of the Executive Core Qualifications. Experience and training that strengthen and demonstrate the competencies will enhance a candidate's overall qualifications for the SES.

Definition: These competencies are the foundation for success in each of the Executive Core Qualifications.

  • Interpersonal Skills

Treats others with courtesy, sensitivity, and respect. Considers and responds appropriately to the needs and feelings of different people in different situations.

  • Oral Communication

Makes clear and convincing oral presentations. Listens effectively; clarifies information as needed.

  • Integrity/Honesty

Behaves in an honest, fair, and ethical manner. Shows consistency in words and actions. Models high standards of ethics.

  • Written Communication

Writes in a clear, concise, organized, and convincing manner for the intended audience.

  • Continual Learning

Assesses and recognizes own strengths and weaknesses; pursues self-development.

  • Public Service Motivation

Shows a commitment to serve the public. Ensures that actions meet public needs; aligns organizational objectives and practices with public interests.

Table of Contents: Leadership Programs and Seminars by ECQ

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Table of Contents

Leadership Development Programs and ECQ-based Readings 2

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Descriptions of the Five Executive Core Qualifications 6

Table of Contents: Leadership Programs and Seminars by ECQ 9

Course Descriptions by ECQ 10

ECQ 1: Leading Change 10

American University 10

Key Executive Leadership Certificate Program 10

Council of the Inspectors General and American University's Leadership Development Program 10

Brookings Institution 12

Executive Leadership for America 12

Inspiring Creativity in Organizations 12

Resilience in Leadership 13

Strategic Thinking: Driving Long-Term Success 13

Flexibility and Decisiveness 13

Vision and Leading Change 14

Carnegie Mellon 14

Leadership and Change Management in a Multicultural Context 14

Center for Creative Leadership 15

Leadership at the Peak 15

Colorado State University 15

Short courses in organizational dynamics 15

Short courses on leadership 16

Dartmouth College 17

The Leadership & Strategic Impact (LSI) Program 17

The Leading Innovation: From Idea to Impact Program 17

The Tuck Executive Program (TEP) 18

Duke University 19

Advanced Management Program 19

Duke Leadership Program 19

Managing the Unexpected 20

Emory University 20

Managerial Leadership Program 20

Georgetown University 20

Leading Change in Government 21

George Washington University 21

Senior Leader Program 21

Emerging Leaders Workshop 21

Georgia State University 22

Certificate Program in Project Management 22

Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Program 22

Leadership Development Program 23

Values-Based Leadership Program 23

Harvard University 23

Women and Power: Leadership in a New World 24

Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies 25

Illinois Institute of Technology 25

Business Innovation 25

Louisiana State University 26

Executive Development Program 26

Rising Stars Program 26

Loyola University Chicago 27

High-Impact Leadership: Maximizing your leadership potential 27

Mini-MBA Certificate Program 27

Michigan State University 28

Healthcare Leadership: Business Strategy for a Changing Landscape 28

Thinking Strategically to Build a Sustainable Competitive Advantage 28

Executive Leadership for Women: Strategies to Enhance Success 29

Process Mapping 29

Adaptive Leadership: Enhancing Individual and Team Performance 30

Broad Executive Program: Strategies for High-Impact Leadership 30

MIT Sloan Business School 31

Implementing Improvement Strategies: Practical Tools and Methods 31

Transforming Your Leadership Strategy 31

Creating High Velocity Organizations 32

Leading Change in Complex Organizations 32

Building, Leading, and Sustaining the Innovative Organization 33

Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy 33

Dynamics of Globalization 34

Energy Innovation: MIT's Approach to Discovering and Realizing Energy Opportunities 34

Essential Law for Executives: The MIT Advantage 35

Revitalizing Your Digital Business Model 35

Strategy in a Global World 35

New York University 36

Breakthrough Strategic Thinking 36

Disruptive Leadership: Fostering a Culture of Game-Changing Innovation 36

Northwestern University 37

Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation 37

Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship: New Ideas for a New Reality 37

Leading for the Future 38

Strategic Leadership 38

Winning Strategies 39

Notre Dame 39

Executive Integral Leadership 39

Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management 40

Office of Personnel Management 40

Leadership Assessment Program Level 1 for Team Leaders and Emerging Supervisors 40

Leadership Assessment Program Level 2 for Supervisors and Managers 40

A Leader’s Guide to Developing Resilience 41

Crisis Leadership Workshop 41

Resiliency Advantage 41

Leading Individual and Organizational Change 42

Executive Development Seminar: Leading Change 42

Penn State University 43

Aligning Strategy, Leadership, and Culture: Keys to Competitive Advantage 43

Enterprise Integration & Transformation: Beyond IT/Business Alignment 43

Portland State University (Center for Public Service) 44

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Leadership Program 44

Executive Master of Public Administration Program 44

Executive Seminar Program for Natural Resources 45

National Policy Process Seminar 45

National Resources Policy, Values and Economics 46

Radical Leadership (Private Industry Provider) 46

Engaged & Alive at Work by Radical Leadership 46

Radical Leadership I – Signature Series Retreat Intensive 47

Radical Leadership II – Signature Series Retreat Intensive 47

Radical Leadership Coach Training For Managers 48

Regis University 48

Executive Leadership Certificate 48

Executive Project Management Certificate 49

Strategic Human Resource Integration 49

Rice University 50

Essentials of Leadership 50

Leader as Coach 50

Leading Change 51

Thinking Strategically 51

Strategic Decision Making and Critical Reasoning 51

Rollins College 52

Creative Strategy Development and Execution 52

Rosemont College Online 52

Certificate in Leadership Program 52

Rutgers University 53

Building Your Business Case 53

Surviving and Thriving in a Changing Environment 53

7.5 Key Strategies for Effective Supervision 53

Seton Hall University 54

Professional Certificates 54

St. Joseph’s University 54

Organization Dynamics and Leadership 54

Seattle University 55

The Executive Leadership Program 55

Leading with Dignity: Advanced Development 55

Skillsoft: eLearning and Performance Support Solutions 56

Skillsoft OPM-ECQ Leading Change


Southern Methodist University 57

Certificate in Leadership 57

Global Enterprise Leadership in the Energy Industry 57

Strategic Leadership Skills in the Oil and Gas Industry 58

Stanford University 58

Stanford Executive Program 58

Executive Leadership Development: Analysis to Action 59

Executive Program for Women Leaders 59

Executive Program in Strategy and Organization 60

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal 60

The Ken Blanchard Companies (Private Industry Provider) 61

Leading People Through Change® 61

University of Arizona 61

Leadership for Public Service Professionals 61

University of Arkansas 62

Walton Emerging Leaders Program 62

Managerial Leadership 62

University of Buffalo 63

Supervisory Skills 63

University of California Berkeley 63

Certificate Program in Leadership and Management 63

CSR 3.0: Leveraging Sustainability for Strategic Advantage 64

Executive Program in Innovation 64

Leadership, Influence and Power in Organizations 64

Moving On Up: Women and Leadership 65

Optimal Performance on the Job: Achieving Work-Life Integration 65

Optimizing Team Leadership: An Intensive Practice Lab 66

Organization and Management 66

University of California Los Angeles 67

Mergers & Acquisitions 67

LGBT Leadership Institute 67

African American Leadership Institute 68

Director Education and Certification 68

Executive Program 69

Women’s Leadership Institute 69

Leadership Institute for Managers with Disabilities 70

Advanced Program in Human Resource Management 70

Creativity and Innovation in the Organization 70

University of California San Diego 71

Leadership Assessment 71

Custom Programs 71

Change Management 72

Creating a Culture of Innovation 72

University of Chicago 72

The Advanced Strategy: Building and Implementing Growth Strategies 72

Executive Program in Corporate Strategy 73

Leading and Implementing Change and Innovation 73

Strategic Business Leadership: Engagement, Performance and Execution 74

Executive Development Program: The Transition to General Management 74

Essentials of Effective Management: The Psychology of Management 75

Chicago Management Institute 75

University of Maryland 75

Strategies for Managing Innovation 75

University of Miami 76

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program 76

University of Minnesota 76

Minnesota Executive Program 76

Minnesota Management Institute 77

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 77

Executive Development Institute 77

Business and Human Resources: Leading HR and Your Organization into the Future 78

Leadership Effectiveness Workshop 78

Women in Business 78

Change Management 79

Strategic Innovation for the New Business Environment 79

University of Northern Iowa 80

Leadership Development Certificate Program 80

Management Excellence Certificate Program 80

University of Pittsburgh 81

Management Essentials 81

Certificate in Influential Leadership and Presentation 81

University of Richmond 81

Leadership Boot Camp I 81

University of South Carolina 82

Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Implementation: Lessons from Wal-Mart 82

Critical Thinking: Insights for Strategic Thinking and Analysis 82

Leadership for Women: Strategies for High Potential Success 82

Speaking with Confidence: Delivering Effective Presentations 83

University of Texas 83

Developing the Project Business Case 83

Leading Change 84

Strategic Management 84

University of Utah 84

Leadership Development Program 84

University of Virginia 85

Developing Leadership Capability in the Corporate Aviation Function 85

Growing Great Managers: The Core Essentials 85

Managing Individual and Organizational Change 86

True Leadership: Leading With Meaning 86

Women Emerging in Leadership 87

University of Washington 87

Executive Development Program 87

Leadership That Shapes the Future 87

University of Wisconsin - Madison 88

Getting It Right: Decision Making and Change Management 88

Leadership Beyond Management 88

Leading Organizational Change 89

Vanderbilt University 89

Leading Change 89

Executive Leadership 89

Leading Project Teams for Strategic Results 90

Washburn University 90

Expanding Your Leadership Capacity 90

Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt 90

Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt 91

Washington University in St. Louis 91

Creativity Leading to Breakthrough Performance 91

Critical Thinking 92

Global Leadership 92

Leading & Managing Change 93

Leadership Edge: Understanding & Managing Your Impact 93

Leadership for High Performance Certificate 93

Leading Through Influence 94

Managing Your Career: How to Thrive in a Dynamic Environment 94

Women’s Leadership Certificate 95

Wharton—University of Pennsylvania 95

The Leadership Edge: Strategies for the New Leader 95

The Leadership Journey: Creating and Developing Your Leadership 96

High-Potential Leader: Accelerating Your Impact 96

Leading Organizational Change 97

Innovation for Growth: Strategies and Best Practices 97

Innovation Tournaments 98

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 98

Advanced Program Management Certificate 98

Xavier University 98

Business Writing for Results 98

Change Leaders Toolkit 99

Leadership Foundations Certificate Program 99

Managing with Different Leadership Styles 100

Strengths-Based Leadership 100

ECQ 2: Leading People 100

Bradley University 101

Building Leaders 101

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential 101

Move from Conflict to Collaboration 101

Coach with Courage, Clarity, and Conviction

Building Strong Teams and Team Building 102

Understanding Behavioral Styles 103

Bridging the Generational Gap 103

Leadership Presence: Inspire Trust, Confidence and Credibility 104

Brookings Institution 104

Creating High-Performance Teams 104

Global Leadership: Leveraging Differences 105

Leaders Growing Leaders: Developing Others 105

Public Leadership 21C 105

Strategies for Conflict Resolution 106

Carnegie Mellon University 106

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential 106

Center for Creative Leadership 107

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential 107

Leadership Development Program 107

Columbia University 108

High Impact Leadership 108

Columbia Senior Executive Program 108

General Management Leadership Program 109

Columbia Essentials of Management 109

Columbia Management Institute 110

Emerging Leader Development Program 110

Personal Leadership and Success 111

Leadership Essentials 111

Senior Leaders Program for Nonprofit Professionals 111

DePaul University 112

Effective Presentation and Communication Skills Certificate 112

Strategic Management 112

Emory University 113

Developing Talent that Drives Organizational Success 113

George Mason University 113

Leadership: Inventing the Future 113

George Washington University 114

Becoming Conflict Competent Certification Program 114

Essentials of Leadership Communication 114

The Graduate School (DC) 115

Leading People 115

Harvard University 115

Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage 115

Michigan State University 116

Managing Project Teams 116

Maximizing Sales Team Performance 116

MIT Sloan Business School 116

Managing Technical Professionals and Organizations 116

Intelligent Organizations: Collaborations and the Future of Work 117

New York University 117

Great Leadership: Developing Practical Leadership Skills 117

Leadership Training For High Potentials 118

Power and Politics: Developing Conflict Management Skills 118

Northwestern University 118

Developing High Performing People 118

Energizing People for Performance 119

Leading High-Impact Teams 119

Reinventing Leadership: A Breakthrough Approach 120

The Soul of Leadership 120

Notre Dame 120

Supervisory Development 120

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential 121

Office of Personnel Management 121

Management Development Seminar I: Leading from the Middle 121

Management Development Seminar II: Leading Organizations 122


Team Development Seminar 122

Supervisory Development Seminar Week 1: Fundamentals 122

Supervisory Development Seminar Week 2: Learning to Lead 123

Coaching Skills for Federal Executives 123

Leading Across Generations 123

The ABCs of Effective Relationships 124

Senior Executive Assessment Program 124

Penn State University 124

Developing Managerial Effectiveness 125

Rice University 125

Leading and Managing High Performing Teams 125

Rollins College 125

Crummer Management Program-MiniMBA 125

Leveraging Conflict for Positive Results 126

Skillsoft: eLearning and Performance Support Solutions 126

Skillsoft OPM-ECQ Leading People


Smith College 127

From Specialist to Strategist for Women in Science, Technology and Engineering 127

Smith-Tuck Global Leaders Program for Women 128

Directing Innovation for Women in Science, Technology and Engineering 128

Southern Methodist University 128

Certificate in Management 128

Stanford University 129

Interpersonal Dynamics for High Performance Executives 129

Managing Teams for Innovation and Success 129

The Ken Blanchard Companies 130

Situational Leadership® II 130

Virtual Situational Leadership® II 130

Leading Virtually 131

Situational Frontline Leadership 131

Situational Team Leadership 131

Optimal Motivation 132

DISCovering Self and Others 132

University of California Berkeley 133

Berkeley Executive Leadership Program 133

Communicate Effectively: Connecting in Personal and Work Life 133

Conflict Coaching for Organizational Productivity 133

Employee Engagement: Increasing Innovation, Productivity and Commitment 134

Executive Coaching Institute 134

Facilitating Groups: An Intensive Practice Lab 134

Handling Difficult Interactions with Skill and Confidence 135

Managing Change and Ambiguity in the Workplace 135

New Manager Boot Camp 135

Optimizing Team Leadership: An Intensive Practice Lab 136

Organizational Communication Strategies for Managers 136

Talent Management and Workforce Development 137

High-Impact Leadership: Transforming Your Communication Style 137

Women’s Executive Leadership Program 137

University of California Los Angeles 138

Behavioral Decision Making in Teams 138

University of California San Diego 138

Harnessing the Creative Power of Teams 138

Difficult Conversations 138

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Managers 139

Managing High Performance Teams 139

University of Chicago 140

High-Performance Leadership 140

Personal Leadership Insight 140

Advanced Management Program 140

University of Minnesota 141

Creating a High Performance Organization 141

Presentations: Coaching for Executives 141

MBA Essentials 142

Advanced Business Communications for Executives 142

The Art and Practice of Effective Coaching 142

University of Missouri 143

Guiding Conflict Resolution 143

Supervisory Certificate Series 143

University of Nevada Reno 143

Working with the Problem Employee 143

Managing and Supervising People 144

Performance Management 144

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 144

Intentional Leadership 144

Project Leadership 145

Developing Leadership Presence 145

University of Northern Iowa 146

Fierce Conversations 146

How to Manage Nests of Negativity 146

Six Steps and Eight Behaviors to Resolving Conflict 147

University of Richmond 147

Management Skills for Leaders 147

Advanced Project Management 147

University of South Carolina 148

Building and Leading Dynamic High-Performance Teams 148

Innovative Communication Strategies for Improving Performance (The Birkman Method®) 148

Coaching Skills for Maximum Performance 148

University of Texas 149

Building Engagement: What Leaders Do to Manage Talent & Build Allegiance 149

Leading High Performance Teams 149

Virtual Leadership: Leading Dispersed Teams 149

University of Virginia 150

Leading Teams for Growth and Change 150

University of Wisconsin - Madison 150

Leadership: Inspire the Best in Your People 150

Success Under Duress: Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, and Negotiations 151

The Manager’s Role As Leader 151

Transition to Manager: A One-Week Boot Camp 151

Vanderbilt University 152

Managing Teams in Organizations 152

Washington University in St. Louis 152

Leading Through Influence: Two Day Seminar 152

Doing Well While Doing Good: Reconciling Profits and Purpose (NEW) 152

Negotiation and Conflict Management 153

Wharton—University of Pennsylvania 153

Building Relationships That Work 153

Creating and Leading High-Performing Teams 154

Leading and Managing People 154

Xavier University 155

Building Effective Teams 155

Influencing Without Authority 155

Managing Conflict 155

Train-the-Trainer: How Adults Learn 156

Train-the-Trainer: Planning, Designing and Evaluating Training 156

Train-the-Trainer: Proven Classroom Training Techniques 156

ECQ 3: Results Driven 157

BRODY Professional Development 157

Accountability: Four Keys to Manage Success 1:1 Coaching 157

Brookings Institution 157

Accountability for Results 157

Leading Innovation and Creating New Value 158

Problem Solving Through Critical Thinking 158

Center for Creative Leadership 158

Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience 159

Columbia University 159

Leading Strategic Growth and Change 159

Creating and Executing Breakthrough Strategy 159

Developing Leaders Program for Nonprofit Professionals 160

Emory University 160

Critical Thinking and Decision Making 160

George Washington University 160

Lean Six Sigma 160

The Graduate School (DC) 161

Managing for Results 161

Harvard University 161

Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results 161

Senior Executive Fellows 161

Leadership Decision Making: Optimizing Organizational Performance 162

Illinois Institute of Technology 162

Entrepreneurship for IT Professionals 162

Loyola University Chicago 163

Project Management Certificate Program 163

MIT Sloan Business School 163

Business Dynamics: MIT’s Approach to Diagnosing and Solving Complex Business Problems 163

Driving Strategic Innovation: Achieving High Performance Throughout the Value Chain 164

Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems 164

Fundamentals of Finance for the Technical Executive 165

New York University 165

Business Analytics: Inside Out in Two Days 165

Northwestern University 165

The Customer Focused Organization: Critical Steps in Achieving and Sustaining Focus 166

The Science of Lean Six Sigma Operations 166

Office of Personnel Management 166

Project Management Principles 166

Leadership Competencies: Preparing for the Next Step 167

Developing Customer-Focused Organizations 167

Leading Strategically: From Vision to Performance 167

Penn State University 168

Designing and Leading Competitive Supply Chains 168

Skillsoft: eLearning and Performance Support Solutions 168

Skillsoft OPM-ECQ Results Driven


Southern Methodist University 169

Formulating & Implementing Exceptional Business Strategy 169

University of California Berkeley 170

Leadership for Entrepreneurs 170

Performance Evaluations: Measuring Goals and Outcomes 170

Tackling Tough Issues in the Workplace 171

University of Maryland College Park 171

The Advanced Executive Coaching Certificate Program 171

Dynamic Project Management 172

University of Michigan 172

The Michigan Executive Program 172

University of Minnesota 173

Operational Excellence 173

Power and Influence: Strategically Managing Business Relationships 173

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 174

Strategic Planning and Business Decision Making 174

Talent Management Institute 174

University of Richmond 175

Strategic Project Management 175

Advanced Project Management 175

University of Texas 175

Managing Project Execution 175

Planning the Successful Project 176

Strategic Decision Making 176

University of Virginia 177

Leading Organizational Effectiveness 177

Management Development Program: Driving Vision, Action, and Results 177

Servant Leadership: A Path to High Performance 178

Strategic Thinking and Action 178

Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface 178

Strategic Decision Making 179

University of Wisconsin - Madison 179

Business Process Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma and Performance Metrics 179

Creating a Culture of Innovation 180

Defining and Managing Business Requirements 180

Project Management: Planning, Scheduling, and Control 180

Project Portfolio Management 181

Wharton—University of Pennsylvania 181

Advanced Management Program 181

Making Strategy Work: Leading Effective Execution 182

Strategic Marketing Essentials 182

Strategic Thinking and Management for Competitive Advantage 183

Executive Development Program 183

ECQ 4: Business Acumen 184

American University 184

Key Senior Program Manager Certificate 184

Brookings Institution 184

Maximizing Human Capital 184

Politics and Policymaking 184

Digital Government 185

Finance for Non-Financial Managers 185

Colorado State University 185

Short Courses in Financial Management 185

Dartmouth College 186

The Strategic Financial Leadership (SFLP) Program 186

Emory University 187

Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager 187

Marketing Analytics 187

Georgetown University 187

Demystifying Finance – Balance Sheet Basics for Non-Financial Managers 187

Innovating Sales – Strategic Management and Leadership Development 188

Brand Advantage – Standout Marketing in a Saturated Market 188

Georgia State University 189

Certificate Program in Finance and Accounting 189

The Graduate School (DC) 189

Executive Survival Skills 189

Illinois Institute of Technology 189

Project Management for IT Professionals 189

Loyola University Chicago 190

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Certificate 190

Michigan State University 190

Cost Management for Non-Financial Managers 190

Finance for the Non-Financial Manager 191

Financial Management for Executives: Driving Value 191

Pricing Strategies and Tactics 191

MIT Sloan Business School 192

Big Data: Making Complex Things Simpler 192

Developing and Managing a Successful Technology and Product Strategy 192

Entrepreneurship Development Program 193

Essential IT for Non-IT Executives 193

Managing Complex Technical Projects 193

Supply Chain Strategy and Management 194

Understanding Global Markets: Macroeconomics for Executives 194

Strategic Cost Analysis for Managers 195

Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and Services 195

New York University 195

Finance and Accounting for Non-Finance Executives 195

Rethinking Integrated Risk Management 196

Northwestern University 196

Driving Strategic Value from IT 196

Finance for Executives 197

Notre Dame 197

Executive Certificate in Business Administration 197

Office of Personnel Management 197

Performance Budgeting Seminar 197

Leadership for a Democratic Society 198

Penn State University 198

Finance for the Non-Financial Manager 198

Skillsoft: eLearning and Performance Support Solutions 199

Skillsoft OPM-ECQ Business Acumen


Southern Methodist University 200

The Essentials of Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers 200

Strategic Financial Skills in the Oil and Gas Industry 200

Stanford University 201

Finance and Accounting for the Nonfinancial Executive 201

Managing Talent for Strategic Advantage 201


University of Arkansas 202

Certificate in Business Analytics 202

University of California Berkeley 202

Action Planning and Management for a New Business Venture 202

Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives 203

University of California San Diego 203

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers 203

University of Chicago 203

Finance for Executives 204

Financial Analysis for Non Financial Managers 204

University of Maryland 204

Customer-Centric Innovation 204

University of Michigan 205

Advanced Human Resource Executive Program 205

University of Minnesota 205

Finance for Non-Financial Managers 205

University of Missouri 206

The Financial Basics: What Every Manager Should Know 206

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 206

Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers 206

University of Richmond 207

Mini MBA 207

Project Budget and Cost Management 207

University of South Carolina 207

Finance Essentials for the Non-Financial Manager 207

University of Texas 208

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers 208

University of Virginia 208

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers 208

University of Washington 209

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Executives 209

University of Wisconsin - Madison 209

Business Acumen and Strategy for Managers 209

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Executives 210

Managing Project Risks 210

Vanderbilt University 211

Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers 211

Washington University St. Louis 211

Building Competitive Advantage Through Strategy 211

Creating Value Through Mergers and Acquisitions 212

Disruptive Strategies 212

Financial Skills for Nonfinancial Managers (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM) 213

Wharton-University of Pennsylvania 213

Advancing Business Acumen 213

Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager 214

Integrating Finance and Strategy for Value Creation 214

Xavier University 215

Executive Certificate in Financial Planning 215

Lean Certificate Program 215

Project Management Certificate Program 216

Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Program 216

Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Program 216

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate Program 217

ECQ 5: Building Coalitions 217

BRODY Professional Development (BRODY) 218

Political Savvy 1:1 Coaching 218

Influencing Without Authority 1:1 Coaching 218

Winning Negotiations 1:1 Coaching 218

Brookings Institution 219

The Art and Science of Negotiation 219

Building Networks and Partnerships 219

Leading Through Influence 220

Center for Creative Leadership 220

Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experiment 220

Columbia University 220

Negotiation Strategies 220

Persuasion: Influencing Without Authority 221

Emory University 221

Strategies for Maximizing Negotiation Outcomes 221

The Graduate School (DC) 222

Washington Executive Seminar 222

Harvard University 222

Mastering Negotiation: Building Agreements Across Boundaries 222

Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance 222

MIT Sloan School of Business 223

Negotiation for Executives 223

Michigan State University 223

Power, Influence and Negotiation 223

Northwestern University 224

Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances 224

Negotiation Strategies for Managers 224

Office of Personnel Management 225

Collaborative Leadership Seminar 225

Collaborating Across Organizational Boundaries 225

Center for Global Leadership Series: Leadership for a Global Society 225

Skillsoft: eLearning and Performance Support Solutions 226

Skillsoft OPM-ECQ Building Coalitions/Communication


Southern Methodist University 227

Master Negotiation I 227

Stanford University 227

Influence and Negotiation Strategies Program 227

University of California Berkeley 228

Best Practices in Negotiation 228

Business Negotiating 228

Innovations in Negotiation 229

Women and Negotiation 229

University of California Los Angeles 230

Persuasive Communication 230

University of Chicago 230

Negotiation and Decision Making Strategies 230

University of Maryland 231

Effective Negotiation Skills 231

University of Minnesota 231

Negotiation Strategies for Executives 231

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 232

Negotiation Skills for Effective Managers 232

University of South Carolina 232

Leadership through People Skills® 232

International Negotiation: How to Overcome Cultural Business Challenges 232

University of Virginia 233

University of Wisconsin - Madison 233

How to Influence Without Direct Authority 234

Gaining Commitment: Coaching and Motivating in the Workplace 234

Persuasion and Influence Skills for the Project Manager 235

Project Leadership Communication 235

Vanderbilt University 236

Negotiation Skills for Managers 236

Wharton—University of Pennsylvania 236

Global Strategic Leadership 236

Executive Negotiation Workshop: Bargaining for Advantage 237

Strategic Alliances: Creating Growth Opportunities 237

Xavier University 238

Negotiating Mutual Success 238

Fundamental Competencies 238

Brookings Institute 238

Interpersonal Savvy 238

Harvard University 239

Art and Practice of Leadership Development: 239

Office of Personnel Management 239

Executive Communication Skills: Leading the Process of Change 239

Understanding The 360-Degree Leader 240

The Aspen Institute Executive Seminar 240

The Aspen Institute Global Seminar 240

Public Sector Leadership: Vision, Values and Vital Strategies 241

Rice University 241

Leadership Communications 241

Rutgers University 242

Would You Want To Work For You? The Formula for Great Management 242

Skillsoft OPM-ECQ Fundamental Competencies

University of California Berkeley 243

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Improvisation: Building Your Leadership Toolkit 243

Essentials of Management 244

The Coach Approach to Effective Communication and Leadership Development 244

Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business part I 244

Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business part II 245

University of Minnesota 245

Authentic Leadership: Purpose, Passion, and Courage 245

Creating and Executing Strategies 246

Table of Contents 246

Critical Thinking and Communication 246

Washington University in St. Louis 246

Communications Require More Than a Compass 246

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader 247

Xavier University 247

Communication Skills 247

Appendix of Washington DC Area Programs 250


Master Course Index 253

Recommended ECQ Readings by Author 254

Career Planning

Interview Skills 265

Federal Resume Guide 274

Career Interest Assessments/Surveys 289

“Quick Leadership Strategy/Impact Articles” 291

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