Leadership Development Programs and ecq-based Readings

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Rutgers University

Building Your Business Case

This course can provide you with the advanced tools, knowledge and insight to empower you to successfully participate in senior-level discussions and effectively move your innovative ideas from concept to market. Learners will leave class with a cadre of new tools and be better prepared to participate in decisions that shape the future direction of innovation at your organization and drive your personal sense of engagement and satisfaction. For more information, click here.

Dates: November 6-7, 2013

Location: Princeton, NJ

Cost: $1,850 (includes instruction, materials, continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments)

Contact Information: Phone 856.225.6685 or Email execed@camden.rutgers.edu
Table of Contents

Surviving and Thriving in a Changing Environment

Communicating and leading change is vital to every manager’s role. But, it is the ability to remain confident and engage with change in an empowering and inspiring way that will help influence other’s perception of the process that will set you apart from any leader. This 1-day program explores the skills necessary to sustain change by focusing on the areas of emotional intelligence, persuasion and influence, and application of proven change management models. For more information, click here.

Dates: June 12, 2013

Location: South Jersey

Costs: $795 (Includes instruction, materials, continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments and parking.)

Contact Information: Phone 856.225.6685 or Email execed@camden.rutgers.edu

Table of Contents

7.5 Key Strategies for Effective Supervision

This course can help develop the toolbox that all supervisors and team leaders need to effectively manage people in the workplace. This two-day program can sharpen the skills of existing supervisors as well as develop the required skills for those making the transition to supervising others. The program format is designed to include practical exercises, case studies and group discussion in order to allow participants to practice new skills and be ready to implement them immediately. For more information, click here.

Dates: September 24 and 25, 2013

Location: Mt. Laurel, NJ

Costs: $1,850 (Includes instruction, materials, continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments)

Contact Information: Phone 856.225.6685 or Email execed@camden.rutgers.edu
Table of Contents

Seton Hall University

Professional Certificates

Seton Hall offers six Professional Certificates either as part of a Masters degree or on a standalone basis. Each certificate is comprised of four courses or 12 credits. Our Graduate Communication Professional Certificates allow our students to pursue specialized graduate education in pertinent communication and leadership areas of interest. Students are able to study communication and leadership skills that will enhance their professional capabilities and expand their knowledge and experiences. Students are able to apply the skills and knowledge they develop through the program courses both during and immediately after completion. Students will earn a professional certificate upon completion and, if they choose, apply the 12 credits towards the full master's degree in Strategic Communication. For more information, click here.

Courses: For course descriptions, click here.

Dates: Jan 2013, May 2013 or Sept 2013

Location: Seton Hall University (New Jersey)

Costs: $1,033 per credit

Apply: To apply online, Apply here.

Table of Contents

St. Joseph’s University

Organization Dynamics and Leadership

The Organizational Dynamics and Leadership program is specifically designed to enhance the capability of project managers, government officials, supervisors, military officers, human resources administrators, and middle management by cultivating their ability to lead. It is designed for busy professionals who have clear understandings of their educational objectives and who want to earn their master's degree or certificate without interrupting their careers. This program is an ideal option for people who have some work experience; and, is ideal second degree for those who already have an MBA or Master's in another field and want to explore more about the human side of organizations.

Courses online: For the online program click here.

Dates: Rolling

Location: St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA 19131, or online

Cost: $752 per credit hour

Application: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply online, please click click here.
Table of Contents

Seattle University

The Executive Leadership Program

The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is a highly-respected, graduate-level certificate program in its thirteenth year. The curriculum is carefully integrated to provide an intensive exploration of leadership and its personal meaning in each participant’s life. The outcome of the program is a deeper knowledge of leadership, greater confidence, and a keen awareness of the values that guide executive decisions. For more information, click here.

Program Dates: TBD

Cost: $13,600 per quarter *subject to change

Contact Number: 206.296.2529

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Leading with Dignity: Advanced Development

Leading with Dignity is an intensive, residential program for mid- to senior-level managers who have been tapped for advancement and growth. The course is offered in a retreat format and emphasizes skills in leading and influencing others. Experienced managers will develop advanced leadership skills to immediately implement at an organizational level. The program includes a combination of expert instruction, proven curriculum, comprehensive peer- and self-assessment tools, dedicated one-on-one executive coaching, and a classroom focus on values and integrity. Course professors are drawn from the Albers School of Business and most of them teach in our nationally-ranked Leadership Executive MBA. For more information, click here.

Dates: TBD

Location: Seattle University

Cost: *$3,900 plus accommodations *Cost

Contact Number: (206) 296-2529
Table of Contents

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