Lc test (21 credits) “Black like me” from the bbc, Witness

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LC TEST (21 credits) “Black like me” from the BBC, Witness Nov. 7, 2012

Die Hördatei ist zu finden in “Witness: Black History” unter
“John Howard Griffin: ‘Black Like Me‘”und hier direkt zu hören:

An African-American man drinking at a "colored" drinking fountain in a streetcar terminal in Oklahoma City, 1939.

Image Source in “Racial Segregation”, published here on conditions of Public Domain

  1. Tick the right box. (1 credit each)

  1. In November 1959 blacks in the USA officially

 had separate but equal infrastructure.

 had equal rights in all of the country.

 had the right to go to white schools.

 were segregated in the Southern States.

  1. John H. Griffin decided to find out about the life of an African American by

 living in an African American environment.

 putting himself in their place.

 interviewing African Americans.

 traveling in the South.

  1. His decision was mostly influenced by

 his time as a soldier.

 his inability to distinguish between accents.

 articles in a magazine.

 people he had interviewed.

  1. After his transformation Griffin found out that

 it would be difficult to be identified as a black person.

 there were many varieties of blackness.

 many people questioned his being black.

 the drug would alter his skin color forever.

  1. Match the sentence parts. Write the correct number in front of the sentence halves on the right. There are three too many. (1 credit each)

    he talked to the police.

    he experienced discrimination.

    1. Before Griffin changed his skin color

    he consulted his family.

    1. Within three weeks

    nobody ever asked his name.

    1. When he asked for a hotel room

    he was given a nice room.

    1. He had changed his outer appearance but

    his personality was changed.

    1. All these weeks

    he kept his name and clothes.

    the change was complete.

  2. Complete the sentences. (2 credits each)

  1. Griffin applied for jobs but

  1. His most shocking experience as a hitchhiker was that

  1. The experiment taught him that

  1. Even before his book was published

  1. After this experience his family

  1. “Black Like Me”

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