Layered Curriculum Project – due 10-3-11 Name Points earned Total Possible points

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All Quiet on the Western Front Layered Curriculum Project – due 10-3-11
Name ___________________________________Points earned_______________
Total Possible points: 115
Layer C: Choose at least three activities from this layer.
______1. Write ten vocabulary words (new to you) , definition, a sentence, and a symbol or drawing to help you remember the words. (10 points)

______2. Find, identify, and draw (or find online images) of at least five symbols that depict the life of a soldier in WWI and write a few sentences on each describing their symbolic meanings. (15 points)

______3. The author, Remarque, gives detailed descriptions of each of the characters in the book. Choose three characters and write three paragraphs or three short poems about these characters. ( 15 points)

_____4. Draw a cartoon, sketch or comic strip about one of your favorite scenes in the book. (15 points)

_____5. Draw a portrait of a character from the book. The portrait may be a head shot, or a full-body representation. Be as accurate as possible based on the description in the book. Use watercolors, charcoal, crayons, or colored pencils. (15 points)

_____6. Draw a poster advertising the movie or to convince your friends to read the book. (15 points)

_____7. Create a collage of the story using pictures from the Internet, magazines, drawings, etc. that depicts the story. Create three identifiable scenes from the story. (15)

_____8. Write an alternative ending to a chapter in the story. (20 points)

_____9. Write a newspaper article about one of the events in the story. (20 points)

_____10. Write an event in the story from another character’s perspective. Include the thoughts the character might have had while the event was taking place. (20 points)

_____11. Choose one of the following areas to research in the 1914-1918 time period: Entertainment, politics, warfare, fashion. Write a one-page paper about your research. Use proper citation. (20 points)

_____12. Design a new cover (both back and front) for the novel. ( 20 points)

_____13. Write a letter or a series of post cards from Paul to his family describing his experiences in the trenches. Use the correct form for a friendly letter. Use 5x8 Index cards for your postcards. (15 points)

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