Lawrence of Arabia Notes Second Segment Clip 1: Feisal’s Tent

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Lawrence of Arabia Notes

Second Segment
Clip 1: Feisal’s Tent (43:34-52:10)

  1. Lawrence demonstrates an appreciation for Arab culture during the meeting in Feisal’s tent. Give specific examples to back-up this statement.

  1. Colonel Brighton says in the meeting that “British and Arab interests are one in the same.” What do the British want from this war? What do the Arabs want? Do you think they want the same thing?

  1. Why does Feisal mention the city of Cordoba?

Clip #2: Lawrence’s Idea (55:10-56:24)

  1. After meeting in Feisal’s tent, Lawrence spends a night in the desert, thinking of a way to successfully attack Aqaba. He presents his idea to Ali. What is unusual about his idea?

Look at the map below. The area with lines is territory on the Arabian Peninsula (present day Saudi Arabia) that was controlled at the time by the Ottoman Empire. The circle indicates the location of the camp where Lawrence met in Feisal’s tent.

Lawrence convinced Ali and a small group of Arabs from the Harif tribe (Ali and Feisal’s tribe) to travel with him across the desert in order to attack Aqaba by land (noted on the map). This was viewed as an impossible feat (by Europeans and Arabs) since the desert was so large and has no water resources. The Turks only expected an attack from the sea.
While on this journey, Feisal and most members of the Harif tribe move south to Yenbo (marked on the map) in order to get out of range of the Turkish airplanes that have been attacking their camp (think about the scene where Feisal was shouting, “Stand and fight!”)
Along the way, Lawrence hope to gain the support of other Arab tribes in order to have a larger force available to attack Aqaba. The next segment shows an encounter with the Howeitat tribe, a group that Lawrence hopes to convince to help out on this attack.

Clip #3: “Nothing is Written” (Scene 22 – 1:18-1:39)

  1. When this scene begins, Lawrence comes out of the desert with another Arab. During the long crossing, one member of the group becomes separated from everyone else. The tribe felt that it was too dangerous to go back and look for this man. Lawrence refused to leave him to die so he went back to get him. When he makes it out of the desert successfully and arrives at the camp, the Harif tribe look at Lawrence as a hero. What does the Harif tribe give to Lawrence in appreciation? How does Lawrence react?

  1. Lawrence and the Harif tribe are drinking at the well of the Howeitat tribe. How does the Howeitat tribal leader react?

  1. In order to gain the support of the Howeitat tribe, what does Lawrence promise the Howeitats in return if they agree to fight?

Clip #4: Attack on Aqaba (Scene 29 – 1:46-1:54)

  1. Describe the attack on Aqaba.

  1. Was the attack on Aqaba a success for Lawrence and Ali? Why or why not?

  1. Was the attack on Aqaba a success for the Howeitat leader? Why or why not?

After the successful attack on Aqaba, Lawrence has to travel to Cairo to inform the British headquarters that they have successfully taken Aqaba and are positioned to start pushing the Turks (Ottoman Empire) North out of the Arabian Peninsula. Lawrence not only has to do this because the communication system is down but also because he knows that if an Arab goes to the British headquarters with this information, the British will not believe an Arab.

Disc 2

Clip #5: Officers Bar (8:27-23:25)

  1. How is Lawrence’s servant treated in the Officer’s Bar at the British headquarters in Cairo? Give SPECIFC EXAMPLES.

  1. When Lawrence meets with the British political advisor (Dreyden), the General and the Colonel, he asks the group if the British have any ambitions in Arabia (meaning do the British want to take the land in the Arabian Peninsula for themselves). Lawrence is becoming more and more committed to helping the Arabs gain independence and he is worried that the British have other plans. How does the group respond to Lawrence’s question? Do you believe them? Why or why not?

  1. At the meeting, Lawrence is promised artillery (weapons) for the Arab army. However, after the meeting, when Lawrence has left, Dreyden and the General agree that they should not send any artillery to Lawrence and his army. What reason do they give for this? Explain.

Clip #6: Jackson Bentley (28:20-48:12)

  1. When Jackson Bentley, the American reporter, interviews Feisal, Feisal wants specific information included in the news article. What does he want included and why?

  1. Jackson Bentley goes out in search of Lawrence and the Arab army. What are they attacking? Why do you think Lawrence and his army attack these targets? How is the Arab army paid?

  1. At the end of this segment Lawrence says to tell General Allenby that he will see him in what city? This shows that the Arab army is having success pushing the Turks North out of the Arabian Peninsula.

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