Lauren Faulkner Rossi

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Lauren Faulkner Rossi

August 2014

Contact Information

Department of History

219 O’Shaughnessy Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 631-9827

Fax: (574) 631-4717

Current Position

Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Notre Dame.

On leave for 2014-2015 academic year.


Ph.D., Brown University, May 2009

Dissertation entitled, “Negotiating the Cross and the Swastika: Catholic Priests and Seminarians as German Soldiers, 1935-1945”, advised by Omer Bartov; Committee members included Abbott Gleason and Deborah A. Cohen, and external reader Doris Bergen, University of Toronto

M.A., Brown University, September 2004

M.A., Simon Fraser University, June 2003

Thesis entitled, “Making Judgments: Hannah Arendt’s Message to Historians in Eichmann in Jerusalem”, advised by Martin Kitchen

B.A., Simon Fraser University, September 2001

Current Projects

  • Manuscript, “Wehrmacht Priests: Catholicism and the Nazi War of Annihilation,” under contract with Harvard University Press, anticipated publication spring 2015.

  • Co-editor with Wendy Lower, Lessons and Legacies Volume XI, forthcoming with Northwestern University Press, 2014.

  • “Catholic Seminarians and Vernichtungskrieg: A Case for Resistenz?” (journal article undergoing revisions for the Journal of Modern History).

Refereed Publications

  • Invited Book Review, “Soziale Strukturen und Semantiken des Religiösen im Wandel, edited by Wilhelm Damberg,” H-Net Reviews (August 2013).

  • Article, “Franz Stock and the ‘Barbed-Wire Seminary’ at Le Coudray, France”, Contemporary Church History Quarterly 19/1 (March 2013).

  • Invited Book Review, “Adolf Kardinal Bertram: Kirchenpolitik in Kaiserreich und Weimarer Republik, by Sascha Hinkel,” Contemporary Church History Quarterly (previously known as Association of Contemporary Church Historians Quarterly 18/3 (September 2012).

  • Invited Book Review, “Survivors: Jewish Self-Help and Rescue in Nazi-Occupied Western Europe, by Bob Moore,” Journal of Modern History (March 2012).

  • Invited Book Review, “Model Nazi: Arthur Greiser and the Occupation of Western Poland, by Catherine Epstein,” Holocaust and Genocide Studies 25/3 (Winter 2011).

  • Invited Book Review, “Catholicism and the Roots of Nazism, by Derek Hastings,” Journal of Modern History (June 2011).

  • “Catholic Priests as German Soldiers: Georg Werthmann and the Military Chaplaincy under the Third Reich,” Contemporary European History 19/1 (January 2010).

Fellowships, Grants and Awards

  • ISLA Large Research Grant, University of Notre Dame, November 2012.

  • Francis Kobayashi Research Travel Grant, Office of Research, University of Notre Dame, April 2011.

  • Research Grant, Institute for the Study of Liberal Arts, University of Notre Dame, April 2011.

  • Richard M. Hunt Fellowship from the American Council on Germany, June 2009.

  • Dissertation Fellowship, Brown University, August 2008.

  • Teaching Fellowship, Brown University, August 2008.

  • Brown University Travel Fellowship, May 2006.

  • Humboldt University Exchange Fellowship, April 2006.

  • Simon Fraser University Graduate Fellowship, January 2003.

Conferences, Papers and Presentations

  • Paper: “The Secret Appendix to the 1933 Reich Concordat: A Question of Pastoral Care in the Military, or the Gleichschaltung of Catholic Clergy in Germany?” at the German Studies Association Annual Conference, October 2013 (Denver, CO).

  • Chair, “The Changing Historiography of the ‘Church Struggle,’ 1945-2013,” for Reassessing Contemporary Church History, a tribute conference for John S. Conway, July 2013 (UBC, Vancouver, Canada).

  • Chair, “German Catholicism and Nazism,” Lessons and Legacies Biennial Holocaust Conference, November 2012 (Chicago, IL).

  • Paper: “Catholicism as a Fail-Safe to Genocide? Reflections on Religion, Violence, and the Prevention of Mass Murder” at The Third Global Conference on Genocide by the International Network of Genocide Scholars, June-July 2012 (San Francisco, CA).

  • Paper: “Priests in Dark Times: Catholicism, Nazism, and Vernichtungskrieg, 1939-1945” at the American Historical Association Annual Conference, January 2011 (Boston, MA).

  • Paper: “Crusading Against ‘Judeo-Bolshevism’: Catholic Seminarians and Vernichtungskrieg, 1939-1945,” Lessons and Legacies Biennial Conference, November 2010 (Boca Raton, FL).

  • Paper: “The Eastern Front as Crusade: Catholic Seminarians in the German Army, 1939-1945,” German Studies Association Annual Conference, October 2010, (Oakland, CA).

  • Invited Presentation: “The Historian as Judge of the Past: Hannah Arendt’s Conception of History,” Intellectual History Seminar, University of Notre Dame, March 2009 (Notre Dame, IN).

  • Paper: “Catholic Priests as German Soldiers: Georg Werthmann and the Military Chaplaincy Under the Third Reich,” Loyola University Chicago History Graduate Student Conference, March 2008 (Chicago, IL).

  • Invited roundtable commentator at conference: “Fascism, Nazism and Sexuality,” Brown University, February 2008 (Providence, RI).

Teaching Experience

  • Modern German History, 1871-1990

  • Modern Genocide in Historical Context

  • A History of the Third Reich

  • The “City of German Destiny”: History and Memory in Berlin, 1910-2010 (co-taught with Professor Denise Della Rossa, German Studies, University of Notre Dame)

  • Telling Stories: The Holocaust as Historical Narrative (senior-level seminar)

  • Readings in Modern Genocide (senior-level seminar)

  • Readings in German History (graduate seminar)

  • Church Versus State: The Impact of Religion on Politics in Modern Europe

  • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and Everything Else: Judgment, Ethics, and the Writing of History (an interdisciplinary required course for all sophomore-level College majors, with an emphasis on oral examination)

  • The History Workshop (a required course for all sophomore-level History majors, designed to introduce them to the academic discipline of history, using a set syllabus with different units featuring extensive primary document analysis)

  • A History of Western Civilization, 1500-2000 (offered in Spring 2008 as an elective at the Rhode Island School of Design)

  • History of the Holocaust (anticipated spring 2014)

Professional Development

  • Invited Fellow, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Summer Seminar for Faculty, “Understanding Complicity: The Churches and the Third Reich”, June 2012.

  • Invited Fellow, Holocaust Educational Foundation Annual Summer Institute, June 2011, hosted by Northwestern University.

  • Research Assistant for Omer Bartov, Borderlands: Ethnicity, Identity, and Violence in the Shatter-Zone of Empires Since 1848 (September 2004—June 2005, December 2005—May 2006).

Professional Service

  • Member of the editorial board, Contemporary Church History Quarterly (an online newsletter).

  • Member, Department Search Committee (military history), fall 2013.

  • Member, Graduate Committee, academic year 2011-2012.

  • Member, Department Search Committee (modern U.S. History), academic year 2010-11.

  • Member, Graduate Committee, academic year 2009-2010.

  • Reader, Ph.D. Dissertation: James Donahue, defended November 2012.

  • Dissertation advisor: Stephen Morgan (writing stage).

  • Reader, Ph.D. Dissertation: Jessica Lumsden (writing stage).

  • Field Exam Advisor: Stephen Morgan, Andrew Hansen, Jessica Lumsden, Ashley Greene.

  • Advisor, Senior Honors Thesis, to be completed April 2014: Lauren Richards, “American Public Opinion of Hitler and Antisemitism in the 1930s”.

  • Advisor, Senior Honors Thesis, completed April 2012: Tessa White, “The Modernity Thesis of Genocide: Reconceptualizing the Crime in the Twentieth Century” (2012).

  • Advisor, Senior Honors Theses, completed April 2010:

    • Eleanor Huntington, “‘Any Soil Can Host a Dead Body’: Land Rights, Displacement, and Genocide” (2010).

    • Anthony Logan, “Unser Sandmännchen: East Germany and Cuba’s Dreams of Industrialization” (2010).

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