Latin American Icon Project

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Latin American Icon Project
Objective: Students will create an advertisement billboard for their country. First, create an icon that demonstrates the five most important elements of your country/territory. The icon should be presented in a poster board format with a sentence catch phrase. On the back of the poster should be a well written paragraph for each element attached explaining why you chose the five elements that you picked and their significance. The icon project must be no smaller than half the size of a poster board and no larger than a full sheet of poster board.
Example: Texas- Alamo, Bluebonnet, Wheat Fields, Dallas Skyline, L. B. J., George W. Bush, Oil Rigs, Cowboys, Horses, Longhorns, Sandra Day O'Conner, Selena, Indian Paintbrush, Lone Star Flag, Texas Capital, Tex-Mex food, Carol Burnet, Dallas Cowboys,

Catch Phrase: Texas, Home of the Proud. Everything's Bigger in Texas, Etc.


Elements and Paragraph Information 50%

Organization and style 25%

Writing Skills 15%

Catch Phrase 10%
1. Antigua and Barbuda 17. Guyana

2. Argentina 18. Haiti

3. Bahamas 19. Honduras

4. Barbados 20. Jamaica

5. Belize 21. Mexico

6. Bolivia 22. Nicaragua

7. Brazil 23. Panama

8. Chile 24. Paraguay

9. Colombia 25. Peru

10. Costa Rica 26. Puerto Rico

11. Cuba 27. Saint Kitts and Nevis

12. Dominica 28. St. Lucia

13. Dominican Republic 29. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

14. Ecuador 30. Suriname

15. El Salvador 31. Trinidad and Tobago

16. Grenada 32. Uruguay

33. Venezuela
You will be given one day in the computer lab. The due date for this project is Tuesday, November 29th. This project will count as a TEST grade.
I understand this project and I have written down the due date on my calendar.

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