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II. The Edenic Covenant: (Genesis 2:15)-
A. Man is created in God’s Image-
B. "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it ["avad"] and take care ["shamar"] of it." (Gen. 2:15).
1. "Work" or “Tend”
(a) Avad- Means not only to work or cultivate but also to serve and worship. E.g., to work for a master, to serve/worship a deity,
(b) Thus, is properly understood as service to God’s Earth- a critical part of our relationship and worship with God.
2. "Take care" or “Keep”:
(a) Shamar- To watch or guard; safekeeping of something for someone else.
(b) Shomrin- guard property that does not belong to them but is entrusted to them
(c) We are to help creation fulfill its mandate to be fruitful and multiply.
(d) A garden is a place of rest and meditation where people can commune with nature. Paradise in the Greek meant an enclosed park or orchard.
(e) Jewish source says God created the gnat before humans to prevent us from becoming too arrogant.

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