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C. Meaning of "subdue" ("kabash")
1. Exercise of force to bring something resistant under control or bondage. Bringing a conquered enemy into subjection, etc.
2. Most sound interpretation: to control the earth in the sense of extracting sustenance from it.
3. God Subdues Evil. How does he do that?
4. Man’s dominion is limited by nature’s rights (be fruitful and multiply)
5. Must be viewed in conjunction with "radah" -- control is exercised as part of right of authority in God's image.

D. Meaning of "dominion" ("radah"):
1. To exercise right of authority. To rule as a righteous king. Not a cruel, heartless ruler but like a loving and caring relationship like a Shepard. Akin to God's rule over us
2. We are created in his image. We are to represent God’s righteous rule on Earth. Jesus is the perfection of this image. He serves in love, to heal, not hurt, to save, not sever. He came to carry out God’s desires not his own.
3. Therefore, our rule should not be at the cost of creation’s ability to carry out its biblical command to be fruitful and multiply but like Jesus. You cannot rule over something that you have driven into extinction.
4. Humans have a great responsibility because God gives us a capacity of understanding
5. English translation not adequate. The word "Yirdu" also connotes dominion (“radah”) and descent (“yarad”). Thus, when humans are worthy, they have dominion over the animal kingdom but when they fail to exercise that power properly, they will descend below their level and the animals will rule them.
Concept is that if you destroy something, you are no longer a man but an animal with no rights to the things around you. The rabbis say " As soon as you use something unwisely, be it the greatest or the smallest, you commit treachery against My world, you commit murder and robbery against my property, you sin against me."

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