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B. Abrahamic Covenant: One of the key elements of this covenant is the gift of land.
1. God gives Israel land as one of his good gifts (Gen. 15:18)-. It was a free act of grace from God and was not because Israel deserved it. (Exodus. 6.8, Deut. 8.17). “Know therefore that the Lord your God is not giving this good land to you because of your righteousness: for you are a stubborn people” (Deut. 9.6). It was to be a reminder of the intimate relationship with God.
(a) In Old Testament days, grants from rulers were to faithful and loyal servants. The gift was unconditional but heirs would continue to receive the gift only from continued loyalty and service.
(b) It is also an example of God’s continuing intimate relationship with creation through the land

2. Why Land?
(a) Crucial for human habitation
(b) Land provides security and wealth even today.
(c) Think of Colonial America and the land grants
d). Remember that the Hebrews were a wandering, landless people seeking God’s promises.
(e) Most wars are fought over land and its riches.

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