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I. Review

  • God Created the World

  • God Loves His Creation and Thinks it Is Good

  • Creation Reflects God’s glory and sings His praises

  • Creation Has Its Own Value Separate From Humans

  • Creation Has Its Own Right to Be Fruitful and Multiply

  • We are part of Creation and cannot live without it (Psalm 104) but creation can exist without us.

  • Genesis 1:28 referring to subdue and have dominion over the creation does not give us a right to exploit the earth. A more proper interpretation is the reign of a righteous king. Christ is an example.

  • We cannot rule over something if we drive it to extinction.

  • Genesis 2:15 referring to the tending and taking care of the garden creates an affirmative obligation to protect and guard creation. Gardens will not prosper without care. Righteous lordship also means allowing creation to fulfill its command to be fruitful even if it means some cost to us. Again, Christ is the example

  • Genesis 2:17 also says the earth has been cursed but this is because of man’s sin but because it is evil. Thus, this is not an excuse to abuse the earth.

  • These passages must also be read together with the concept of stewardship. Perhaps the highest obligation in the law is that of a trustee or fiduciary. Something is entrusted to that person whom they do not own yet which they are to take care of. This is a concept closely linked to grace.

  • All of this reminds us that only God has the power to give life, sustain it or redeem it. We have the power to husband it and to exercise of dominion. We who were created in God’s image should imitate his redeeming quality for the sake of all creatures and be the visible image of the invisible God.

  • Christ is the example for us. A life of service and sacrifice

II. The Covenant Themes

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