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Other rabbinical teachings about Stewardship

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4. Other rabbinical teachings about Stewardship:
(a). BAL Tashhit (Do not destroy)- Prohibition against wanton destruction or wasting of anything in Creation. Has been applied to a whole range of transgressions such as cutting off water supplies to trees, over-grazing, unjustified killing, feeding them harmful foods, hunting animals for sport or to extinction, destruction of cultivated plants, over-consumption of natural resources, and pollution. It has also has been applied to hoarding property or doing nothing with rather than using it wisely.
(b) Za’ar baalei hayyim (avoid imposing pain on living things without good reason)- Relieving suffering animals was one of the exceptions to the Sabbath and kindness towards animals is one of the few virtues that Jewish tradition specifically associates with the promise of heavenly reward.

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