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III Stewardship- Similar to Shamar
A. Steward comes from old English words “Stig” or “House” and “Weard” or “warden”. This was the word that the Bible translators used to translate the Greek word “Oikonomos”. Consists of two Greek words “oikos”(house) and “Nomos”(putting into order, planning and administering).
B. Thus, it means to put the affairs of a household into order. It involved acquiring things that were necessary to meet the actual needs of the household and not to the uninhibited pursuit of wealth. Stewardship is the taking care of something that belongs to someone else.
1. The position of steward is one of great responsibility and authority. The steward is a special, privileged servant and the “charge over the household” requires great care and continued supervision. It is a picture of responsible manager of a royal estate. (Gen. 44:1-13. Story of Joseph and his brothers). However, there is a limit to this authority. He can rule with full power within his authority but he oversteps his authority when he acts like an owner instead of an overseer. When a steward fails to carry out its duties, it is a very serious matter and the steward will be severely punished. (See Isaiah 22:15-23 where the steward Sheba has abused the privilege of his office).
2. Humans are held responsible for everything we are given in this world as well as our children. Nothing belongs to us, it all belongs to the Lord and receive it on credit who God will demand payment. (e.g., man enters city and found no one there. He walks into an empty house and finds a table set with all kinds of food. He begins to drink and eat, thinking he deserves all of this and that it is his and he can do what he wants with it. He does not know that the owners are watching him from around the corner. He will have to pay for everything he ate and drank and is not in a position to escape. )

3. Examples of man’s appropriate stewardship of the earth include in the Old Testament:

  • Adam’s naming the animals (Gen. 2:18)

  • Noah’s collecting the animals for the ark. (Gen. 6:19).

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