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Larry Schnapf
What does the Bible tell us about what mankind’s relationship should be with the environment? This course will explore the biblical role and responsibility that God has given humans regarding the earth and the environment. We will also explore how the Bible uses nature to show us how we should live our lives and how a biblical approach to nature can enhance our relationship with God
Typical Christians focus on their relationship with God. The priority is to develop a right relationship to God. A proper relationship with the environment will advance this goal.
All of God’s creation (including mankind) is interconnected. While we are created in God’s image, the Bible tells us that we are not to exercise our power in a way wantonly destroys or abuses nature. Instead, we have been given a special responsibility to act on his behalf towards nature. We are to act as humble and faithful stewards who take care of God’s creation and bring shalom to it. The Bible promises us that will be blessed if we honor this role of being careful managers of God’s creation but will suffer if we disobey this command.

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