Language: Pinyin--chinese sound system

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Chinese I Unit Overviews

Unit 1 My Classmates and I

  • Language:

  • Pinyin----Chinese sound system

  • Daily communication

  • Self-introduction

  • Exchanging simple personal information, such as the place where you live, your telephone number and email address.

  • Grammar:

  • The rules for writing Chinese characters

  • Culture:

Unit 2 My Family

  • Language:

  • Introduction of family members, their ages, occupations, likes/dislikes

  • Nationality, language and country of origin

  • Counting in Chinese from 1 to 99

  • Describing where an action takes place

  • Grammar:

  • Culture:

  • The Great Wall----One of the seven wonders in the world

Unit 3 Time and Dates

  • Language:

  • Telling the time, date and day of the week

  • The order of times and dates

  • Name of high school courses

  • Talking about birthdays, daily activities and weekend plans

  • Making a phone call and an appointment

  • Writing a letter or email in Chinese

  • Grammar:

  • Culture:

  • Chinese traditions and customs

Unit 4 Things We Use Every Day

  • Language:

  • Colors

  • Basic school supplies

  • Sports and basic sporting goods

  • Basic computer supplies

  • Basic eating utensils

  • A sequence of events

  • Grammar:

  • Some commonly used measure words

  • Some commonly used Chinese sentence structures to indicate a sequence of actions

  • Alternative questions with 是

  • Tag questions with 怎么

  • Culture:

  • Chinese New Year

Unit 5 Things We Do for Fun

  • Language:

  • Words for some common recreational activities, such as computer games, TV programs, musical instruments, movies, concerts, sports and travel.

  • Describing an action in progress.

  • Using words and phrases to modify a noun

  • Time spent on an activity

  • Talk about two actions that take place at the same time

  • Grammar:

  • Optative verbs to express intent, ability, permission and wish

  • Conjunctions to describe when two or more actions take place (immediately after one another, at the same time, and sequentially)

  • Culture:

  • Chinese Lantern Festival

Unit 6 The Places Where We Live

  • Language:

  • Words needed for talking about school buildings, rooms in a house, future plans, and locations and positions

  • Describing the layout of a house, major buildings in a school, the surroundings of your home and school

  • Some major Chinese cities

  • Future plans

  • Grammar:

  • Culture:

  • Dragon Boat Festival

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