Language Arts Death of a Salesman Essay Time!

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Materials Provided

  • All of the following are included: (1) the checklist, (2) your final paper, (3) MLA Citation page, (4) your filled out rubric (this sheet), (5) your first draft, (6) peer editing sheet, (7) self-revision sheet, and (8) your outline.

Add up points you checked off above: _____

Next, divide the above number by 28, then multiply it by 100: __________  This is the grade you gave yourself.
Ms. Wirtz Rubric






  • Essay has a strong thesis statement

  • Clearly answers essay prompt

  • Exceptionally clear focus throughout

  • Rich details that support thesis

  • Clear purpose


  • Essay ideas are presented in a logical and well thought out order

  • Paragraphs smoothly flow into each other

  • Strong introduction that brings reader “into” the essay

  • Conclusion neatly ties essay together and brings reader back to thesis


  • There is strong evidence from the first draft that time was spent rewording and reorganizing the essay to make it a stronger piece of writing

  • There is evidence in the final draft that students used suggestions from peer editing and self-revision sheet.


  • Writing style makes the topic come “alive” (writing is engaging and exciting to read)

  • Voice (tone, word choice, etc.) shows exceptionally strong sense of audience and purpose



  • Every paragraph provides evidence from The Crucible that supports their claim(s)

  • Evidence is cited in proper MLA format

  • Arguments are not simply stated; they are explained and defended.

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