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Topic Four: Charcterization, The Tragic Hero In broad terms, a “tragedy” is a work in which the main character is brought to ruin, usually as a consequence of a predominating weakness or tragic flaw. According to Aristotle, the fall of the protagonist creates pity and fear in the audience, and the release of these emotions provides catharsis. Typically, a tragic hero is a person who is highly renowned and prosperous, a description that does not apply to the aptly named Willy Loman. However, many critics have characterized Death of a Salesman as an American tragedy. In a well-organized essay, explain why the play should or should not be classified as a tragedy, supporting your position with specific evidence from the play.




(for turning in your final paper)

Hand this checklist in with your final paper. When you turn your final paper in your will also hand in, in the following order, (1) this checklist, (2) your final paper, (3) MLA Citation page, (4) your filled out rubric, (5) your first draft, (6) peer editing sheet, (7) self-revision sheet, and (8) your outline.

Check off each item if it is completed. Make sure ALL items are checked off before handing in your paper.

  • I have completed my final paper

  • I have included my first draft

  • I have included my outline

  • I have filled out the rubric and written the grade I think I have earned

  • I self-revised my own paper

  • I have included my peer editing sheet

  • I have included my self-revision sheet

  • I have included my MLA Citation sheet

  • I have stapled my paper and all other materials together before coming to school 

  • I feel I have put enough effort into my paper and am proud of the product

Your Rubric // Name:____________________ – Fill this rubric out to determine what grade you believe you deserve.

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