Language Arts Death of a Salesman Essay Time!

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Ms. Wirtz

Language Arts
Death of a Salesman – Essay Time!

The time has come, my dear students, to write your essay on Death of a Salesman! We are going to go through the writing process one step at a time, and I will be here to assist you throughout the process. You will have some choice in terms of what you write. So, now that you’re all done moaning about having to write an essay , let’s begin!


  1. Choose one of the four essay prompts provided.

  2. Prewriting: Create an outline. Your outline will be handed in on: Monday November 13th.

  3. Drafting: Write a rough draft that is at least 2 typed pages. Due: Monday, December 2nd.

  4. Revising: Second Draft Due: Monday December 9th. You must

  5. Proofreading: In class peer editing.

  6. Publishing: Final Revision Due (at least 3 typed pages): Monday December 16th.

  7. Presenting: Give your class a brief synopsis of what your paper was about! We all want to know! (Monday December 16th)

*If you are unable to type your paper/outline, please let me know as soon as possible.

Download 36.85 Kb.

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