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The Land Power Journal

Vol. 2 No. 3

March 2004

Burned-up Stryker wheeled armored car: notice its 8 tires are all burned off. The madness of the current crop of Army officials for rubber-tired wheeled vehicles and computers casualties be damned is disturbing and puts the future of America's Army in question. Since Bush's Tofflerian RMA obsessed DoD can't get a clue maybe we should vote in John Kerry as President in November?

Table of Contents


Strykers, Strykers burning bright!


A "stable" Middle East, where is it?


President Bush: Learn from Lincoln and FDR


Armored Vehicles don't get "dented fenders": what is wrong with American Special Operations Forces and their "Showstoppers": Why were the terrorists not stopped before the 9/11 attacks?


The Thunder Run: U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) beats stalled marines to Baghdad


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Fourth Generation War - some original thinking


Army's Stryker - were General Heebner's kickbacks legal?

America to Pull its Tank Units out of Germany - a decade overdue


Revamps Training - for the Iraq conflict 


Don't Stop Now - their blueprint for the empire


American - the Pentagon's official news


Ricks is Targeted - the Pentagon attempts to silence unofficial news


is Hyped - including weapons of minor destruction


Military Stretched too Thin? - an empire in trouble


Burden of Truth - the faulty case for war by two former CIA analysts 


Terrorists Continue to Wage War - American's forgotten conquest


and Blair behind Khadaffy's WMD sham - in search of enemies


just wrong what we're doing - Robert McNamara says mistakes in Iraq are like



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Strykers, Strykers Burning Bright: U.S. Army victories in Iraq; taking Baghdad and capturing dictator Saddam Hussein yet preponderance of DoD budget goes to USAF, Navy and marines, WHY?

The Bush Administration has appointed Tofflerian/RMA disciples to run DoD. These folks believe we are in the "third wave" of warfare where all we need is computer mental gymnastics steering aircraft firepower by a few troops in cheapo, wheeled trucks. The truth is we are in Martin Van Crevald's "4th Generation of Warfare" (4GW) where the goal is the MIND of the populace themselves, a fight we are losing in Iraq because Army officials also buy into the Tofflerian non-sense that all you need is computers 'n wheels to control ground as manifested in the absurd and failed Stryker 8x8 armored car. The "Thunder Run" story in this edition showed how the entire Iraq invasion nearly failed when marines-in-trucks with computers couldn't reach Baghdad and the Army's 3rd Infantry Division mechanized in PHYSICAL tracked armored fighting vehicles took matters in their own hands and took Baghdad to collapse the enemy nation-state government.

In the aftermath of the secular Iraqi government collapsing, a dangerous situation has unfolded where a 51% majority rule "democracy" would put anti-American, militant Islamofascists into power. When Iraqi civil administrator General Garner was replaced by civilian Paul Bremer, he fired the secular Iraqi Army and sent them home to be jobless malcontents taking money to set explosives to blow up Americans in absurd wheeled truck convoys. Nevermind that even the U.N. when it sends in peacekeepers use white M113 Gavin light tracked AFVs, the U.S. Army in its absurd inflexibility and everyone stay-in-their "place" is having its troops drive around in vulnerable wheeled trucks while THOUSANDS OF M113 GAVIN TRACKS THAT COULD SAVE THEIR LIVES FROM IRAQI BOMBS SIT IN STORAGE.

What is troubling is that without a secular Iraqi counter-weight to Islamofascist factions in Iraq, its highly likely Iraq after U.S. forces leave will become another terrorist-harboring "Iran". The Bush Administration should have had a plan to REMOVE SADDAM FROM POWER and still retain a secular Iraqi government and Army with more democratic processes. This failure to think ahead, to be honest when computers 'n trucks failed and to ADAPT and supply en masse our troops the up-armored M113 Gavins they need to survive will likely result in President Bush and his RMA minions being thrown from power in November. If President Bush doesn't make the U.S. Army adapt to non-linear war CONDITIONS IN IRAQ TO STOP THE DAILY DEATHS AND MAIMINGS THERE, HE WILL BE HISTORY.

There are some good news to report, Army units "under the HQDA radar screen" are doing great things with the equipment they have. The 173rd Airborne Brigade in Northern Iraq seems to be the most innovative unit in the Army today. A recent Military Review article reveals how they did the largest Air-Mech-Strike (AMS) in U.S. Army history since the M551 Sheridan light tank parachute airdrop in Panama in 1989.

Operation Airborne Dragon: M113A3 Gavins flown into Northern Iraq

IRTF 1-63rd Armor, 3rd BDE, 1st Infantry Division attached to 173rd Airborne Brigade

Medium Ready Company

1st Platoon Bravo Company 2/2 IN M113A3 Gavin light AFVs

3rd Platoon Bravo Company 2/2 IN M113A3 Gavin light AFVs

Heavy Ready Company

2d Platoon Bravo Company 2/2 IN M2A2 Bradley Medium AFVs

3rd Platoon Charlie Company 1/63rd Armor Battalion M1A2 Abrams Heavy tanks

+ FSB and C4I elements

On 07 April 2003 the IRTF flew from Ramstein AFB, Germany to Bashur Airfield in Northern Iraq by 30 x C-17 Globemaster III sorties as the follow-on echelon to the 173rd Airborne Brigade which had jumped in earlier. Fanning out, the Sky Soldiers and IRTF Soldiers collapsed Iraqi resistance in the north by April 10th.

Money not the answer to fixing the U.S. Army

Currently the Army is badly employing Colonel Douglas MacGregor's ideas for Brigade Combat Teams by making 5 micro-brigades out of each division instead of the robust 2 x BCTs he proposes that can be broken down as needed into Combat commands A and B. What the Army is refusing to do is eliminate the bloated staff officer bureaucracies in order to get more trigger-puller Infantry Soldiers. Details:

An Army "blank check" from Congress will not help unless it will not be wasted on the wheels 'n computer madness. Monies need to be spent on the all-out cat vs mouse battles like the countermine/EOD fight; TRACKED AFVs with new capabilities.

Carol Murphy



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