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  • "An Ally To The Classic Indian Woman, Lakmé Inspires Her To Express The Unique Beauty And Sensuality Within… Enabling Her To Realize The Potency Of Her Beauty.”
  • Lakme was founded in 1952 by JRD Tata and was later sold to Hindustan Unilever in 1966.
  • Lakme’s name was inspired by the Goddess Laxmi who is renowned for her beauty.
  • It is headquartered in India and offers cosmetics, beauty products and salon services .
  • Kareena Kapoor and Ananya Pandey are the brand ambassadors of Lakme.
  • Its product portfolio consists of cosmetic products which has face, lips, eyes, nails, tools and brushes and make up kit.
  • Lakme is a complete beauty brand covering old colour cosmetics and skin care and extending to beauty services through Lakme Beauty salons.
  • Lakme use a bow with fashion and beauty is demonstrated through the Lakme Fashion Week which is the largest fashion events in our country.
  • Lakme brand have always try to be innovative with its approach towards the world of makeup, skin care products and beauty salons.
  • From being the contemporary Indian beauty expert to becoming the flag bearer of latest makeup Trends and styles.
  • Lakme has come a long way with its market share at 17.7% with the annual turnover with 350 crores.




















  • Lakme has improved their product line with the introduction of “complexion care” cream.
  • Lakme CC not only improves your skin tone but also nourishes and moisturizes it.
  • In an attempt to address every woman’s need for perfect looking skin, it introduced Lakme complexion care cream.
  • Lakme CC cream combines the goodness of skin care with the right age of makeup and is design for Modern woman needs to look best every time.
  • It is specially formulated to moisturize and style your skin with sun protection while writing and refreshing your skin.
  • Lakme CC Creme has a market base of lover 8.5 lakhs.





  • Integrated supply chain & well spread distribution channel.
  • Availability of the product for all kind of skin tones.
  • Price availability for all class of customers.
  • Attractive packaging to attract more and more customers.
  • Has a strong market share across India because of strong parent company (HUL).
  • Spurious product in rural areas and small towns.
  • Availability of cheap local products.
  • New entrants into the domestic market can be a threat.
  • Non existence of product image in long run.
  • Increasing allergic cases to consumers.
  • Upgrading consumers through innovation to new levels in the cream according to the skin tone.
  • Brand growth through increased consumption across all categories.
  • Global reach by advertising and tie-ups can increase the company’s share.
  • Categorized itself for ‘Mature Women’ only.
  • People with sensitive skin avoid such skincare products.
  • Dissatisfaction of some of the consumer with the quality of product.


  • Lakme being the leading cosmetic brand in India, serves wide range of products and services.
  • Products offered are -
  • Lakme Makeup- includes products for eyes, face, lips and nails.
  • Skin needs- hydration, anti-aging, skin brightening, cleansing, skincare and makeup
  • Skin regimes- skin gloss, perfect radiance
  • Services offered are -
  • Lakme salon
  • Lakme Fashion Week
  • Look book- includes Lakme’s signature looks

  • Lakme has done their pricing reasonably for the Indian customers as Indian women are price conscious and want value for money.
  • Lakme has a huge range of products with different prices to catter all types of customers.
  • Lakme tries to provide the best quality product at the affordable prices and there by leaving the competitors behind

  • Lakme products reaches to the ultimate consumers through different marketing channels -
  • Zero level marketing channel ( Manufacturer Customer i.e. Online)
  • One level marketing channel ( Manufacturer Retailer Customer )
  • Two Level marketing channel ( Manufacturer Distributor Retailer Customer )
  • Lakme has a wide product range and catters to the beautification need of teenagers as well as adult women.
  • Lakme skin care products are easily available and malls have a special demonstration of the products who are willing to buy.

  • Lakme always spends money in advertising, through its ad campaigns involving leading actresses and promtions in televisions, online ads, magazines, newspapers etc.
  • Lakme has its well developed training centres in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai to train people.
  • Lakme organizes Lakme India Fashion Week twice a year to maintain its visibility among all.


  • Demographic Segmentation (on the basis of gender, age, occupation )
  •  Psychographic Segmentation (on the basis of life style, attitude, culture, opinions)
  • Geographic Segmentation (focusing more on Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Jaipur and also segmenting on the basis of urban, sub urban and rural areas)


  • Lakme has used concentrated targeting method in which it has only cattered to the needs of young women and teenagers to use a product that can beautified them and which day can wear for the day long.
  • Lakme has targeted upper and upper middle class customers who have enough income and want to show off their beauty.
  • Lakme CC cream position itself as a product that makes you look natural but better with glowing skin without any makeup.
  • It is a everyday skin stylist at home that make you look gorgeous for the skin that look like styled by experts.
  • Someone who takes care of beauty needs.
  • Cosmetic product you can wear for the entire day.



  • As the cosmetic segment majorly focuses on skin beauty, thus these products are designed as per various skin types. For the same a bill has been passed called,PERSONAL CARE PRODUCT SAFETY ACT”, that allows FDA to ensure product safety.
  • Also many brands in this segment does import and export of ingredients, so they has to follow various political norms for the same.

  • Like various sectors, cosmetics too faced economic recessions. It even survived the great recessions of 2008. Although after that customers became more price sensitive, and too particular with respect to their choices.
  • Due to this the cosmetics got affected majorly as customers now prefer to buy only those products that they actually need.

  • Various lakme shows had given the image that it deals with various social issues. They work on various fashion weeks where the outfits displays the social issues.
  • This made the brand liberal & social, also modern & classy.

  • Lakme is the category leader, by which it needs R&D. Every day new fashion comes in trend and Lakme through grasping various technologies follows it continuously. In order to maintain its leadership Lakme introduced Radiance range.
  • The technology infuses with the skin cells and protects the skin from harm like tanning, acne etc. Lakme understands the amount of research which is required by it being the industry leader.



  • Lakme following the trend, continues the idea of “GO GREEN”. Their packaging is becoming increasingly eco-friendly. But there is still heavy issue with usage of plastics in cosmetics and skin care segments.

  • LEGAL-
  • The FEDERAL FOOD,DRUG & COSMETIC ACT(FD&C ACT) and THE FAIR PACKAGING AND LABELING ACT(FPLA) are laws that must be followed by beauty and cosmetics industry.
  • The FD&C focuses on the ingredients used, whereas FPLA ensures misinformation on the branded products. If there are issues the product must be recalled and corrected.
  • Additionally, if ingredients are correct as per the guideline, they can be banned for the customer’s sake and safety.


Direct Competitors

  • M.A.C : MAC Strobe Cream is a brightening moisturiser/primer, which helps to brighten the skin and removes any sign of dullness.
  • L’Oreal: Loreal Fairness cream reduces the melanin level in the skin, gives a rosy appearance to your skin and is suitable for all Indian skin types.
  • Maybelline: cream combines skincare and makeup to perfect skin in 1 simple step and provides sheer coverage with the added benefit of SPF to protect you
  • Covergirl: This lightweight CC Cream for deep skin tones provides a flawless, natural look while caring for your skin. Its unique hydrating ingredients leave skin feeling moisturized, but it's oil free, so no greasy after feel.

Indirect Competitors

  • Foundation: Foundation is a liquid or powder makeup applied to the face to create an even, uniform color to the complexion, cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone.
  • Compact : A compact is a cosmetic product conatining a mirror, pressed or loose face powder with a gauze sifter and a powder puff.

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