Labyrinth der Meister (Master Labyrinth) Rules

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Labyrinth der Meister rules

Want to make a deal?
Suppose a player – let’s call him Merlin – cannot see any good move to make on his turn. Another player – let’s call her Miranda – can offer Merlin a price! "What will you offer me for a good tip?" Miranda asks. Merlin may offer one of his tokens, or even one of his magic wands. If Miranda likes what Merlin offers, she explains the move. Now he decide whether or not to make the move Miranda showed him. If he doesn’t make that move, he doesn’t have to pay her anything. But if he does make the move she showed him, he must pay her what he promised.

The game is over when the last token – the mistletoe numbered 25 - is picked up. Now everyone counts his or her points.

Every token is worth the number of points on it.

Every token that is part of your secret formula is worth an extra 20 points.
Every unused wand is worth 3 points.
The player with the most points is the Master Wizard and the winner of the game.
Download 27.5 Kb.

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