Labyrinth der Meister (Master Labyrinth) Rules

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Labyrinth der Meister rules

Shifting the labyrinth
Around the board there are twelve triangles. These triangles point to the rows of the labyrinth that can be shifted. (The other rows cannot be shifted because some tiles are attached to the board.)

To shift the labyrinth, take the extra maze tile and push it face up into the maze at one of the triangles. As you push, the whole row of tiles will slide over, and the tile at the other end of the row will be pushed out of the maze. Don’t push too far; stop pushing when the tiles are lined up evenly. Notice how some of the corridors are now connected in a different way.

The tile you pushed out is now the extra tile that the next player will use on his or her turn.

You may push the extra tile into any one of the twelve triangles, with one exception; you may not push it back into the spot it just came from.

Sometimes there will be a playing piece or token (or both) on the tile that gets pushed out of the maze. If that happens, put it on the tile on the opposite side of the board. (That is, on the tile you just pushed into the maze.)

More about moving
You can go past other players when you’re moving through the maze. You can even end your turn on the same space as others players.

If you decide to move on your turn, you must end up on a different tile than one you started on. You cannot just move in a circle and end up on the same tile you were on before.

If you want to, you can stop on a tile with a token on it, even if you can’t pick it up. Remember, you don’t have to move your playing piece on your turn if you don’t want to.

More about tokens
The tokens must be picked up in numerical order. You cannot pick up number two until somebody has picked up number one, and you cannot pick up number three until someone has picked up number two, and so on.

When you get a token place it face up in front of you on the table so that everybody can see it.

You can take a token even if another player is on that token. For example, the player before you gets token number four. Now it’s your turn. If you can reach token number five, you can take it, even if another player is already there.

You can only get a token by making a move, not by just standing still. For example, someone gets token number eight. Now it’s your turn and you’re already on the tile where token number nine is. To get the token you’d have to move to another tile, then move back on your next turn. (You could take number nine in this example, if you took an extra turn: see magic wands.)

The ingredients in your own secret formula are worth extra points to you, so try especially hard to get those tokens. The last token, the mistletoe, is also worth extra points. See scoring.

The Magic Wands
Just like in a fairy tale, in this game you get three wishes. Use them wisely!

At the start of the game you get three magic wands. On any turn, you can give up one of your wands, put it back in the box, and take an extra turn.

You can only use the magic wands on your own turns, and only one wand per turn. If you have any left over at the end of the game they’ll be worth three points each.

Download 27.5 Kb.

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