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VUS 3rd 9wks Test Study Guide-Francis 2014
The 9 Weeks test includes:



DuBois v. Washington







Old Immigrants vs. New Immigrants – after Civil War immigrants come from Southern and Eastern Europe

Nativism native born Americans discriminate against immigrants

Chinese Laborers – built Transcontinental railroad, then EXCLUDED

Thomas Edison - electricity widely available

Alexander Graham Bell- telephone

Henry Ford – assembly line

Andrew Carnegie - steel

J.P. Morgan – financier and banking

John D. Rockefeller – Standard Oil

Cornelius Vanderbilt - railroads

Ida B. Wells – muckraker, against lynching

Booker T. Washington – black rights, slow and steady, CTE (vocational education)

W.E.B. Dubois –black rights, RIGHT NOW! education

Samuel Gompers – started AFL labor union

Eugene V. Debs Labor Union leader

Upton Sinclair muckraker who wrote The Jungle about conditions in meat factories

Susan B. Anthony – come on you know her

Theodore Roosevelt - Square Deal, trust buster Progressive president

Woodrow WilsonNew Freedom, Progressive President

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Ant- Immigration Act – restricted immigration in the early 20th Century

Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Clayton Anti-Trust Act

Melting Pot

Jim Crow Law

Plessey vs. Ferguson train case, separate but equal is OK

Great Migration

Seneca Falls Declaration – site in New York where women met t demand the vote

Lynching illegal form of punishment for blacks – ignored by state government.

NAACP founded by DuBois

Progressive Movement – period of time where America works on improving social and economic and working conditions for all

Muckraking journalist exposing problems in society

Women’s Suffrage – Seneca Falls Declaration, Susan B Anthony,

19th Amendment grants women the right to vote

Transcontinental Railroad

Urbanization causes problems in housing, sanitation, water, crime

Trusts/Monopolies – trust is the same thing as monopoly

Laissez-faire government has hands off policy to Big Business

Corporations – limits the liability (what you can lose) when sued

Bessemer process - steel

Child Labor – made illegal by the Progressive movement

Knights of Labor 1st Labor Union

American Federation of Labor started by Samuel Gompers for Skilled Workers, still exists today

American Railway Union – started by Eugene Debs - Pullman Strike – railroad workers rebelled and LOST

Haymarket Riot – Labor Day protest for 8 hour work day – WORKERS LOST

Homestead Strike – steel company riot in Pittsburgh – WORKERS LOST

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