L review the questions on the worksheet. Watch the video and complete the worksheet as you go along, or after ewis and Clark Worksheet

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Review the questions on the worksheet. Watch the video and complete the worksheet as you go along, or after.
ewis and Clark Worksheet

National Geographic’s Video “LEWIS & CLARK Great Journey West”

  1. In 1802, President ______________________ commissioned an exploration to go through the interior of North America to the ________________________ Ocean. To begin with, they were to follow the _______________________________ River to its source.

  1. Describe the two leaders. In your description, include at least 2 strengths or skills that made each man valuable to the success of the expedition.

Meriwether Lewis:

William Clark:

  1. Before the expedition got under way in 1804, what important development changed the shape and size of the United States and made Lewis & Clark’s journey even more important?

  1. What was the main mission of the expedition?

  2. In May of 1804, the expedition departed from St. Louis.

What river did they follow? ________________ ______________________________

In what general direction does this river flow? _______________________________

In what general direction was the expedition headed? _________________________

  1. Match the person with his special interest.

    1. Clark ____ Collecting and cataloging new plant and animal species

    2. Lewis ____ Mapmaking

  1. What message from President Jefferson did Lewis and Clark give each of the tribes they met?

  1. In June of 1805 they resumed their travels. They continued on the ______________________ River until they reached a fork. How did they know which fork to take?

  2. Why was it important for the expedition to find the Shoshone Indians?

  1. What surprised Lewis & Clark about the mountains they encountered?

  2. When they finally emerged from the mountains, they met and stayed with the __________________ Indians. During this stay they recuperated and built dugout canoes. Then they paddled off to the west. Now they were traveling downstream on the _____________________________ River.

  3. After 1 and 1/2 years they finally reached the Pacific Ocean. They were forced to spend their 2nd winter away from home. How did they decide where to stay? What was unusual about the way they made this decision?

  4. After 4 months at Fort Clatsop, they started home again in March of 1806.

How long did it take them to return to St. Louis? _____________________________

How far had they traveled? (Total miles) ___________________________________

How long had they been gone? ___________________________________________

  1. Describe at least 2 ways that Sacagawea contributed to the success of the expedition.

  1. At the beginning of the film, the narrator comments that the journey “was the equivalent in its day of a journey to the moon.” Based on what you have seen in the film, why do you think that is a relevant comparison?

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