Kubla Khan: The Emperor of Everything

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Kubla Khan: The Emperor of Everything

By: Kathleen Krull
Publisher: Viking

Copyright: 2010
Genre: Biography

Kubla Khan, son of the great Genghis Khan, was a larger-than-life figure in world history. After showing his military and governing prowess early on, Kubla Khan became the Khan, the supreme leader, of all Mongols. Living a life of luxury, Khan maintained a strong but fair grip on his kingdom. Then, he sought to do what no Mongol leader had ever done before – conquer China. He did so, establishing a new empire, and eventually impressing European explorer Marco Polo so much that future explorers took to the sea to find China.

Kubla Khan lived a life we can hardly imagine. After becoming the supreme leader of a group of warriors called Mongols, Khan used his power in both good and strange ways. If you disagreed with Khan, he might have your head shaved to embarrass you. Khan used 28,000 workers to build himself a new city, and if there was a particular type of tree he liked in another part of the country, he had his workers dig it up and replant it. Khan had a throne covered with horse skins, a tame lion he kept at his feet, robotic tigers in his reception hall, and over 100 children! Read this book to discover the story of Kubla Khan!

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1. The book title says Kubla Khan Emperor of Everything. Why do you think they say that?
2. Why do you think Kubla Khan ruled differently than his grandfather Genghis Kahn?
3. Why did Kubla Khan want to be emperor of China?
4. What was it that so impressed Marco Polo about the Kubla Khan and his empire?
5. If you had lived when Kubla Khan reign what would you have liked about his empire? What would you not have liked?
6. Describe the influences Kubla’s mother and wife had on him. How might is life have been different if they weren’t there.
7. Why would Khan’s sealed envelope advice method help him to get great ideas? What if he treated people with bad ideas poorly?
8. Should Khan have conquered China? Why or why not?
Language Arts: Common Core Standard
1. Create a character map of Kubla Khan. Put Khan’s name in a bubble in the middle, and then surround him with various people’s names from the book. On the lines connecting from Khan to each person, describe the relationship they had. Be ready to discuss this with the group.
5.RI.3 Explain the relationships or interactions between two or more individuals, events, ideas, or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text based on specific information in the text.
Social Studies: Indiana Social Studies Standards
2. Have students research the journeys of Marco Polo on the Silk Road then have them answer questions using this interactive map.


6.1.6 Examine the importance of trade routes and trace the rise of cultural centers and trade cities in Europe and Mesoamerica.
3. Do you think it was appropriate for Khan to conquer China? Find a partner who disagrees with you and stage a debate for your group. Give reasons and evidence for your opinions. Remember, Khan lived over 700 years ago!
6.1.20 Recognize historical perspectives in fiction and nonfiction by identifying the

historical context in which events unfolded and by avoiding evaluation of the past

solely in terms of present-day norms.




Ancient China for Kids

Kubla Khan - http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/china/history/mongol.htm
Kubla Khan Bio - http://www.notablebiographies.com/Ki-Lo/Kublai-Khan.html

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