King Chlothar I was also the father of Gundovald, who had sons. The motherof Gundovald was not identified. (The Merovingian Kingdoms, Ian Wood,p344-345)Clotaire I or Chlotar I (6th century) king of all the Franksfrom 558

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King Chlothar I was also the father of Gundovald, who had sons. The motherof Gundovald was not identified. (The Merovingian Kingdoms, Ian Wood,p344-345)Clotaire I or Chlotar I (6th century) king of all the Franksfrom 558.The son of the Frankish king Clovis, he inherited the kingdom jointlywith his three brothers in 511, but gradually added to his holdings untilwith the death of his brother Chidebert I in 558 he became ruler of allthe Franks. (Larousse Biographical Dictionary, p 322)Clotaire [Chlothachar] I (died 561) was one of the four sons of Clovis. On the death of his father in 511 he received as his share of the kingdom the town of Soissons, which he made his capital, the cities of Laon, Noyon, Cambrai and Maastricht, and the lower course of the Meuse. But he was very ambitious and sought to extend his domain. He was the chief instigator of the murder of his brother Chlodomer's children in 524, and his share of the spoils consisted of the cities of Tours and Poitiers. He took part in the various expeditions against Burgundy, andafter the destruction of that kingdom in 535 gained Grenoble, Die andsome of the neighbouring cities. When Provence was ceded to the Franks by the Ostrogoths he received the cities of Orange, Carpentras and Gap. In 531 he marched against the Thuringi with his brother Theuderich (Thierry) I, and in 542 with his brother Childebert against the Visigoths in Spain. On the death of his great-nephew Theodebald in 555, Clotaire annexed his territories; and on Childebert's death in 558 he became king of all Gaul. He also ruled over the greater part of Germany, made expeditions into Saxony, and for some time exacted from the Saxonsan annual tribute of 500 cows. The end of his reign was troubled by internal dissentions, his son Chram rising against him on several occasions. Following Chram into Brittany, where the rebel had taken refuge,Clotaire shut him up with his wife and children in a cottage, to which he set fire. Overwhelmed with remorse, he went to Tours to implore forgiveness at the tomb of St. Martin, and died shortly afterward. [Encyclopædia Britannica, 1961 ed., Vol. 5, p. 844, Clotaire I].King of Franks (558-561)King of Soissons (511), King of Orleans, King of FranceSOURCES:"Rulers of the World" by R.F.TapsellClotaire = Clothar I, Kingde Soissons (Paul, Nouveau Larousse Universel.) (Rosamond, Frankish kingdom under Carolingians.)(Stuart, Royalty for Commoners, Page 216, Line 303-50.) (Andre Castelot, Histoire de La France, Tome 1, Pages200- 208, 214).AKA: Clotaire I, King d'Orleans. AKA: Clotaire I, King d'Austrasie. Born: in 497, son of Clovis I, King des Francs and Sainte Clotilde de Bourgogne.Married between 510 and 515: Ingonthe who was ClotaireI's first wife. She gave him a daughter and five sons, three of whom survived. Married circa 516: Aregonde); Radegonde was Clotaire I's second legitimate wife. Note - between 523 and 560: In accordance with Salic Law, upon Clovis I's death, his four sons [Thierry, theeldest and born from an unknown concubine before Clovis was married, and the other three, Clodomir, Childebert and Clotaire, divided the kingdomnot unlike a cake, but with unequal parts. Clotaire, the youngest, received the most primitive lands, extending from the charbonniere forest [the North of Gaule] to the Somme River and beyond to include Noyon, Soissons and Laon. Soissons was its capital. The brothers constantly engagedin bloody fights in order to augment their holdings. In 523, three ofClovis I's sons, Clotaire, Childebert and Clodomir, launchtheir firstcampaign against the Burgundians. They catch Sigismond=Zygmund, out of the Monastery of Agaune, as well as his wife and his children. Theyare given to the custody of Clodomir. He has the entire family murdered by throwing them into a well at Saint-Peravy-la-Coulombe[near Patay] . Clotaire I became King of Orleans in 526 and King ofAustrasie in 555. He was known for his cruelty and plotted and implemented the murder of his brother's (Clodomir) sons with Childebert, hisother brother.In July through December 524, two of Clodomir's sons thus are murdered. Clodomir himself had died at the Battle of Vezeronce[in Isere] on 25 June 524. Clotaire gets Tours and Poitiers. In 531 Thierry and Clotaire I are occupied in battle against the Thuringians. Their King, Hermanefried died in combat by falling from a rempart in Tolbiac [with a little push] . His mother, Radegonde, who is among the captives, becomes Clotaire's third wife. In 532, Clotaire and Childebert begin their third campaign against the Burgundians. This time, theytake Autun. Upon Thierry;s death in 534, his lands are divided, and Clotaire gets the entire southern portion of Thierry's holdings including Grenoble, Die and neighboring cities.In 536, Clotaire obtains the northern part of Provence encompassing Orange, Carpentras and Gap from Vitiges, Kingof the Ostrogoths. When Theobald dies in 555, Clotaire gives the Auvergne to his son, Chramne. The next year, Clotaire would fail in his campaign against the Saxons, but they will continue to pay him an annualtribute of 500 cows. Chramne rebels and fights against his father. Upon Childebert's death 23 December 558, he reunited all parts of the Franceankish kingdom, and Clotaire becomes sole King of the Francs. The following year, his son, Chramne again rebels, but has to seek refuge withthe Count of Brittany, Conober who is established in Vannes. In 560, they lose to Clotaire and Chramne, his wife and their children are burnt alive on the orders of Clotaire. Married circa 547: Radegonde, Princess de Turinge , daughter of Hermanefried, King de Turinge (8164) andN? ; The Thuringians had been submitted to the Francs. Clotaire and his half-brother Thierry had led a brutal campaign against them and hadcrushed them on the banks of the Saale in 531. Among Clotaire's shareof the bounty was a beautiful young girl, the Christian Princess Radegonde. Radegonde was Clotaire I's third legitimate wife, and fifth mate. Clotaire I was about 50 years old.

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