King Arthur The man and the myth

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King Arthur

The man and the myth

The tale of King Arthur and his knights is a story that has permeated various cultures for over 1,500 years. Most of us know of King Arthur as the noble king and Medieval archetype of the concepts of Chivalry and Courtly Love. Arthurian legend teaches us about Arthur’s beautiful queen, and her betrayal with his “favorite knight,” the noble Knights of the Round Table, Arthur’s famous sword Excalibur, and the infamous quest for the Holy Grail.
Scholars, on the other hand, argue that research reveals a man who was simply a war leader in post-Roman Britain, fighting against the invading Saxons.
So, who were Arthur and his knights? Why do they have such a hold on our collective psyche after hundreds of years? And, most importantly, was there even a real Arthur?
In this Web Quest, you will learn valuable information about this complex yet fascinating subject.
Part One: The History
Using the following website, answer the questions below in your own words. No cutting and pasting!!
1. Wow! How did Arthur become so popular? Take brief notes on what each of the following authors contributed to the legend…

  • Geoffrey of Monmouth:

  • Chretien de Troyes:

  • Robert de Boron:

  • Sir Thomas Malory:

2. Is there solid proof that Arthur was actually a king at all? How many different theories are given on the website as to whose king Arthur might be?

3. Was Arthur a king, a battle-commander, or possibly both?

Part two: The legend
Using the same website, explain the importance of each of the following items/places to the legend of King Arthur. Again, your own words…
1. Excalibur

2. Holy Grail

3. The Round Table
4. Camelot

Part three: the people
Using the same website again, write a brief description of each of the following people.

1. Sir Lancelot

2. Lady Guinevere
3. Sir Gawain
4. Galahad
5. Merlin
6. Bors
7. Dagonet
8. Bedivere
9. Tristan (Tristram)
10. Mordred
11. Meleagant

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