King Arthur questions

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King Arthur questions

(from King Arthur biography,

  1. How many swords did King Arthur have?

    1. What were their names?

    2. How did he get them?

    3. Why are they important?

  2. What was King Arthur’s kingdom’s name?

  3. Who was his father? Who was his mother? Did he have any siblings? If so, name them and whether they were brothers or sisters.

  4. Who is Merlin? How is he important to Arthur? How did he come into Arthur’s life?

  5. Who is Arthur’s wife?

  6. Who is Arthur’s best friend?

  7. Who is the Lady of the Lake?

  8. Who was Geoffrey Monmouth?

    1. What does he have to do with King Arthur?

    2. What did the French author add to Monmouth’s tale?

  9. Who is Mordrid? Who are his parents?

  10. Who is Morgan le Fey? Who warns Arthur about her?

  11. Explain the Round Table. Who gave it to Arthur? What is its purpose?

  12. What area in England is most associated with King Arthur?

  13. How did Lancelot come to Camelot initially?

  14. Who is the Lady Elaine?

  15. Who is Galahad? Who are his parents?

  16. What is the Holy Grail?

    1. Who found it?

    2. Why did he find it?

  17. Who is Sir Thomas Mallory?

    1. What is the title of his book?

  18. How was Arthur betrayed? By who?

  19. What is the penalty for adultery?

    1. Who told Arthur about the penalty?

    2. Who was to be penalized?

  20. What happened to Lancelot?

  21. What happened to Mordrid?

  22. What happened to Guinevere?

  23. What happened to Excalibur?

  24. What happened to King Arthur?

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