King Alfred the Great King of Wessex Reigned for 30 years Winchester – the capital of the country

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King Alfred the Great

King of Wessex 

Reigned for 30 years

Winchester – the capital of the country.

878 – Victory over the Danes. England was divided by a line formed by the river Thames: Danelaw & England

He forced the Danes to accept Christianity and live within the frontiers of the Danelaw (Northern and Eastern England) 

King Alfred and the Pancakes” (The story happened while he hid himself in the marshes in Somerset)

King Alfred disguised as a singer/beggar in the Danish camp 

Creation of national Army & Navy (Fleet)

New Code of Laws (legal system)

A man of great learning

His court became one of the most important scientific and cultural centres of

9th century Europe

Public schools. He wanted people to be literate.

Translation of Bede’s “Ecclesiastical History of British People” and “Pastoral Cares” by Pope Gregory from Latin into Old English

He started Anglo-Saxon Chronicles (a year by year history of England)

Construction of monasteries and churches

He laid the foundation for the unification of England 

His main principle was: “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you” 

Poem “Danegeld” by R. Kipling Danegeld (the money) = taxes

Fight against the Vikings (Danes, Norsemen, Northmen)

Normandy (the land of Norsemen=Normans in the north of France) 

1020 – King Sweyn of Denmark became the first Danish King of England

1013-1042 – Danish royal power triumphed in England. King Canute’s empire included Norway, Denmark and England. 




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