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Independence and President Kim Il Sung


   President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea led the Korean revolution vigorously for nearly seven decades in the last century. His career was rum through with the idea of independence.


Holding high banner of independence


   Embarking on the road of the struggle to liberate Korea from the military occupation of the Japanese imperialists (1905-1945), Kim Il Sung groped for a path to be followed by the Korean revolution. He found out two truths: The first one is that the masters of the revolution are the masses of the people and that one can emerge victorious in the revolution when believing in their strength and organizing and mobilizing them. Another one is that one should make a revolution on his own responsibility in accordance with his own faith and solve for himself all problems arising in the revolution in conformity with specific conditions and interests of his country. He held a historic meeting of Korean revolutionaries of a new generation in Kalun in June 1930 and delivered a speech

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