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Khaled Aref Reza - 201250296 Islamic Thought – Video Commenting

The Golden Age of Islam

The topic of discussion is concerned with the Golden Age, more commonly referred to as the Dark Age. The most usual claim is the fact that the Romans invented everything, and they were the pioneers, so to speak, of many of the things that are available at our disposition today. The Golden Age, however, in reality, refers to a period in time that truly shifted humanity from darkness towards light. Some also define it as the Age where invention was formed. Discoveries are based on the knowledge of the past; and there are many examples that can be derived out of the Golden Age period to support this statement. Also, it so happens that all of the following examples are people who believe in Islam.

Among the many fathers of invention include Al Jazwy, who was an engineer and an inventor in his time. A more detailed character would be Ibn Al-Haytham, whose ideas about how our eyes work lead eventually to the invention of the camera and the cinemas that are available across the world. Moreover, Abbas Ibn Farnas was a man who dreamt of flight. His experiments, ideas and knowledge have lead the world into the jet-setting age. Another example is Abu Kasim, also known as the father of surgery and the inventor of several surgical tools and surgical theories; most of which are still used and applied in our modern world. Maryam Alastarlaby was a female without whom watches and compasses would not have been made possible. Her idea of the compass has set the base for the invention of modern navigation systems like the GPS that is globally put into use.

To conclude, the Golden Age is not a dark age after all. In fact, during that period of time, the scientists, inventors and masterminds have laid out the perfect knowledge base for the developments that have been made in this current time. It is of vital importance to remember the contribution and relation of Islam to those times, and the fantastic blessings that it brought with it. It is therefore safe to say that the Golden Age is directly connected to the modern world.

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