Keynote lecture – Alessandro Naso (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), “From East to West and Beyond”

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Michael Kerschner (Austrian Archaeological Institute, Vienna), “The Swallow Painter and his Eastern Aegean roots. The relations between Etruria and the Eastern Aegean in the 7th century BC revisited”

Abstract: A small group of Wild Goat style vases from Etruria has been subsumed under the nickname “Swallow Painter”. This unknown artisan combined Etruscan vessel shapes with a painting style looking predominantly, but not exclusively, South Ionian. His work is the first in a series of Archaic vase groups from Etruria painted in a style of East Greek character. The origin of this vase painter and his chronological position have been diversely judged by different scholars. This paper revisits these questions against the backdrop of recent research on East Greek pottery in Ionia, where important new insights have recently been achieved with regard to the production centres and the chronology of the Wild Goat style. Furthermore it will be discussed how the relations between Ionia and Etruria developed in the course of the 7th century BC.

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