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Utah Topic Ideas for 2016

Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History

UHQ Utah Historical Quarterly

UHRC Utah State History Research Center – Search the combined resources of the Utah State Historical Society and Utah State Archives:
Tip: Introductory information on many of these topics can be found in our online encyclopedia of Utah history – History To Go ( )
Explorers, Expeditions, Travel and Trade in Early Utah

  • Rivera Expedition

  • Dominguez-Escalante Expedition

  • Shoshone, Pauite, Ute, Gosiute, Navajo Trade Networks – The Old Spanish Trail

  • Trappers and the Fur Trade

  • James Beckwourth, African-American Fur Trader

  • Jim Bridger

  • Peter Skene Ogden

  • Etienne Provost

  • Jedediah Smith

  • John Weber

  • The Donner-Reed Party

  • John C. Fremont

  • Miles Goodyear

  • Stansbury Expedition (UHQ)

  • Gunnison Expedition

  • Simpson Expedition

  • Pony Express

  • John Wesley Powell

  • Hole-in-the-Rock Trek

  • John Macomb

Scientific Exploration, Encounters, Exchanges in Utah

  • Women inventors in Utah Territory (UHQ)

  • John Wesley Powell’s Geographic Surveys

  • Paleontology and Utah’s Dinosaur Rush (UHQ)

  • Dr. John Widtsoe - Dry Farming

  • Invention of the Television, Philo T. Farnsworth

  • Thiokol and the Exploration of Space

  • The Artificial Heart

  • The Dirty Harry Nuclear Test, Nevada Test Site

  • The Downwinders

  • Utah’s Missile Launch Sites (UHQ)

  • Exploring Speed on the Salt Flats

  • Digital Explorers: WordPerfect and Novell

Utah’s Cultures –Encounters & Exchanges

  • Native American Histories

    • Washakie

    • Ouray

    • Tabby-To-Kwana

    • Walkara and the Walker War

    • Black Hawk War and Circleville Massacre

    • Encountering Reservation Life

    • Indian Boarding Schools in Utah

  • Mormon Histories

    • Immigrant communities

    • Mormon colonization of Deseret

    • Native American-Mormon Relations in Early Utah

    • Mormon United Orders/communitarianism

    • Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution

    • Mormon-Gentile Relations in 19th Century Utah

    • Mormon-Federal Encounters & Exchange - The Utah War, Polygamy, Statehood

    • The Reed-Smoot Hearings – an encounter over Mormon polygamy

    • Colonel Thomas Kane

  • The Railroad – Wheels of Encounter and Exchange in Utah

    • Chinese workers and communities

    • Corinne – A Railroad Town in Mormon Utah

    • Legacy of the Golden Spike

    • Robert Brewster Stanton’s Railroad

  • Mining in Utah – Cultural Encounters, Trade, and Workers’ Rights

    • Carbon County – Cultural Crossroads

    • Bingham Canyon Mining Communities

    • Thomas Kearns

    • Labor unions in Utah - United Mine Workers, Western Federation of Miners, National Miner’s Union, United Steelworkers of America,

    • Joe Hill and the IWW

    • Utah Copper/Bingham Canyon Strike of 1912

    • Winter Quarters Mine Disaster

  • African-American communities

  • Jewish communities

    • Samuel & Frederick Auerbach, Utah retailers

    • Simon Bamberger, Utah Governor

    • Benjamin Brown

    • Clarion, a Jewish colony

  • Greek communities

    • Leonidas Skliris, padrone

    • Georgia Magerou, midwife

  • Italian communities

  • Scandinavian communities

  • Japanese communities

  • Pacific Islanders and the Iosepa Settlement

  • Latino immigrants & culture

  • War brides in Utah

  • 20th Century Refugee Communities

  • Intellectuals & the Arts

    • The Salt Lake Theater

    • Bernard DeVoto

    • Wallace Stegner

Depression and Wartime in Utah

  • Wartime industry & mobilization

  • German internees at Fort Douglas

  • Topaz Japanese Internment Camp

  • Marriner S. Eccles, architect of the New Deal

  • Col. Gail Halvorsen, the Candy Bomber

  • The Civilian Conservation Corps

  • Postwar reintegration

Civil Rights in Utah

  • Woman Suffrage and the Mormons

  • Kanab’s All-Woman Town Council of 1912 (UHQ)

  • ERA: The Equal Rights Amendment and Women’s Rights in Utah

  • Stephen Holbrook and Utah’s NAACP (UHRC)

  • Mormonism and African-Americans

  • Race Riots and BYU Athletics (UHQ)

  • Adoption of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday in Utah

  • SOCIO: Spanish Speaking Organization for Community, Integrity, and Opportunity & Armando Solorzano

Tourism - The New Explorers

  • Berg Halstrom and River Rafting in Utah

  • Ski Utah!

  • International Peace Garden

  • Goblin Valley

  • The Lincoln Highway

  • Utah’s Highway 89

  • Utah's National Parks

  • Dr. Arthur Leroy Inglesby (UHRC)

  • Everett Ruess – Canyon Country Explorer

  • David D. Rust (1874–1963) – Canyon Country Guide

Environment – Encounter, Exchange

  • Echo Park Dam Controversy

  • Glen Canyon Dam/Colorado River Storage Act (1956)

  • CUP: The Central Utah Project

  • Ranchers, Rangelands, and Grazing

  • Grand Staircase and the Federal Antiquities Act

  • Environmentalists and engineers in Cache Valley, 1965-1990s (UHQ)

  • Sagebrush Rebellion/Wise Use Movement 

  • NAGPRA: The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act in Utah

  • Wilderness in Utah:  SUWA, roadless debates

  • Edward Abbey: activist/author, Desert Solitaire

  • Mormons and the MX Missile

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