Key Terms: Henry IV paulette Edict of Nantes Francois Ravaillac Marie de’ Medici

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Key Terms:
Henry IV
Edict of Nantes
Francois Ravaillac
Marie de’ Medici
Louis XIII
Cardinal Richelieu
Noblesse de robe
Noblesse d’epee

Describe the achievements and policies of Henry IV:

Analyze the Problems and Responses of Minster of the French Crown, Cardinal Richeliu:

Louis XIII and Cardinal Richeliu decided to deal with the Protestants in France, Explain the reasons, summarize the events and explain the consequences of their decisions:

Trace the causes of the Fronde and its subsequent phases and results for the future:

Describe Louis XIV’s early life, beliefs and the impact they would have on his life:

Analyze Louis XIV’s political and religious decisions for France, Evaluate the success and failures:

Evaluate Jean-Baptiste Colbert’s efforts to economically and financially reform France:

Describe Louis XIV’s military accomplishments and reforms:

Evaluate the impact Louis XIV’s wars had on France and Europe:

Explain the War of Spanish Succession and its impact on European affairs:

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