Key Social Studies Curriculum Connections to the Sir Sam Steele Collection “At a Glance”: Grades 4 7

Grades Focus of Curriculum Connections

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Focus of Curriculum Connections

Skills & Processes

Historical Thinking Concepts

Steele Themes & Sources

Grade 7

- recognize +& - consequences of political decisions

-appreciate the challenges when confronted with rapid change

-How did the response to the Red River & second Métis uprising solidify Canada's control of the West?

- evaluate the impact of Confederation & immigration on Canada 1867 to WWI

- How did building the CPR affect the growth of Canada? - What was NWMP role in the development of western Canada?

- evaluate, critically, ideas, information and positions from multiple perspectives  - access diverse viewpoints on particular topics, using appropriate technologies - analyze historical issues to form or support an opinion - use historical & community resources to sequence historical events - distinguish cause, effect, sequence, correlation in historical events, including the long- and short-term causal relations of events 

- evidence

- historical significance

- cause & consequence

- continuity & change

- historical perspective

- focus on Red River,

NWMP: the March West, First Nations, the building of the CPR, the 1885 rebellion; Yukon & the Klondike; and the political decisions & rapid change to the decisions to participate actively in the South African War and World War I.

The following tables outline the possible curriculum connections, skills and processes in more detail for each of the grades.

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