Key Question 4: Who was to blame for the Cold War?

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Mutual mistrust

This had built up since 1918

Western mistrust of the USSR

  1. Communism threatened the Western values and way of life.

  2. Dislike of Stalin’s dictatorship which had led to many deaths of his own people.

  3. Stalin had signed the Nazi-Soviet pact 1930 and divided Poland with Hitler.

Soviet mistrust of the West

  1. Communists believed the Capitalist system was evil since the rich prospered at the expense of the poor

  2. In 1918-19 Western states had briefly intervened against the Communist government in the Russian Civil War

  3. In 1938-9 Stalin suspected that France and Britain did not want to protect the USSR against Hitler

  4. In 1942 Stalin was angry that Britain and the USA refused to invade Europe quickly and thus open up a second front to take pressure off the USSR.

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