Kenzie Smith September 30, 2013

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Kenzie Smith

September 30, 2013

1st Period---HR Paper

Egypt Human Rights

Overall, Egypt rates very poor in upholding Human Rights in their country. This is because of the lack of equal/fair treatment or punishment, and poor equality between citizens; men, and women. Egypt violates the 5th and the 2nd Articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 5 states that; no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Egypt in many ways has violated this article, and therefore violated the Human Rights. During protests that led to fighting and gunfire, no help was provided to those civilians who would ignore the gunfire and fighting to try and run through the streets and save the other wounded people. The reason I claim that Egypt as a whole; as in the government is responsible for the violation, is because during that chaos, the gunfire towards those harmless civilians who got injured was coming from the government security forces. An actual Human Rights researcher witnessed the shooting of a unarmed victim who was part of a sit in, this gunfire again came from the proclaimed; security forces, this security personnel who directly aimed at the civilians partaking in the sit in.

Another instance where Article 5 was violated was when two policemen took a group of captured men to a back street and shot one man dead to the ground for nothing. This statement was told to Human Rights Watch researcher by a witness that lived on that street. The witness claimed that the man who was shot, had not provoked the policeman in any way, he also said that the two policemen were very hostile toward the men. Many other citizens and protestors have informed the Human Rights Watch about horrible occurrences, one man named Mohamed Ali told a researcher that during one protest that he was standing outside his tent when a police shot him in the leg right above his knee, this police shot him for nothing. This shows without a doubt that Egypt has far below standards for upholding Human Rights.

In another way that Egypt suffers in keeping Human Rights well upheld, is the fact that the people in their country are not treated equal. The women are blatantly treated with less respect compared to men, and women have a lot less ability to do things that men can do, such as being involved in higher/ more important situations. Women who participate in public displays of disagreement risk harassment in their lives, such as verbal and physical abuse on the streets. Women were not included in the group that made the amendments to the constitution, and even now, Egyptian women are very poorly represented politically. There are 264 members on the Consultative Council and only 18 of those members are women. There are also 31 government ministries, and only one is led by a woman.

For example, on International Women's Day, a group of men beat, verbally abused, and sexually harassed women who were protesting and marching for women's equality. One of the women told Human Rights Watch that the men who attacked them, hit the women on the shoulders and on their heads. A woman told Human Rights Watch that men shouted at them that they were not real Egyptians. One woman told Human Rights Watch that the army asked them why they were demonstrating now, that it was not the right time, and they were wrong for coming out to demonstrate.

Any violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would be horrible, but to violate not one, but two, or even more is monstrous, and for it to be the Articles that involve actual abuse, makes Egypt very poor in keeping their Human Rights kept together.

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