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Kentucky Institute for International Studies

2004 Fall Semester in Segovia, Spain

Student Handbook




University of Kentucky White Hall Classroom Building, Room 106 April 24, 2004 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Eastern Standard time

  • It is mandatory that you attend this session. Please plan ahead.

  • Your parents and/or emergency contact are encouraged to attend, if possible.

  • An additional orientation session will be held in Spain after arrival.

  • We will discuss packing, clothes selection, climate, money, travel information, health and safety, program operation, and housing.

  • Please bring this packet to the orientation session.

Departure Instructions

September 12 Delta #655 Cincinnati/Atlanta Depart 2:55 p.m.; arrive 4:37 p.m.

Delta #108 Atlanta/Madrid Depart 5:40 p.m.; arrive 8:15 a.m. (9/13)
December 11 Delta #109 Madrid/Atlanta Depart 11:30 a.m.; arrive 3:15 p.m.

Delta #1710 Atlanta/Cincinnati Depart 5:55 p.m.; arrive 7:39 p.m.

  • The group will meet in the lobby of the Greater Cincinnati Airport in Hebron, KY, near the Delta counter between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m.

  • You should contact the KIIS representative in the vicinity of the Delta counter as soon as you arrive at the airport for instructions on checking in. You will obtain your airline ticket, Rail Europe pass (if you purchased one), and International and KIIS student ID cards.

  • You should have a safe, secure way of carrying your ticket and other important documents.


Please take every precaution to arrive at the airport at the proper time. If, due to an emergency, you will be arriving later than the check-in time or will have to miss the flight, the instructions below should be followed.

  • Telephone Ms. Nancy Martin, KIIS Coordinator, and give her the following information: explanation of your situation, whether you will miss the flight or how late you will be, and where you can be reached. Her telephone number is (270) 762-3423.

  • Ms. Martin will contact the KIIS representative at the airport to inform him/her that you will be arriving late or that you will miss your flight. Ms. Martin will receive instructions on what to do.

  • Ms. Martin will then contact you to convey those instructions.

Independent Students

If you are traveling to Spain independently, you must plan to arrive on or before the group flight. The KIIS cannot offer financial assistance in getting to the program site.

Independent Travel Policy

  • Independent travel is at the student’s own risk!

  • KIIS declines any responsibility or liability concerning travel by students.

  • Do not operate a motor vehicle.

  • Complete participation in all classes and outside class activities for which a student has registered is required. Travel must be arranged so as not to conflict with class and other activities.

  • When students travel independently, it is occasionally necessary to reach them in case of emergency. Students should notify the director of their destination.

International Student/Teacher Identity Card

  • Mark the kind of card for which you are eligible and fill in all the appropriate information.

  • Paper clip a 2” x 2” photo (with your name printed on the back) to the application.

  • Only degree seeking students and presently employed teachers are eligible for an International Identity Card.

Passports & Visas

  • You must have a valid passport. Apply immediately if you don’t have one. This process can take up to two months.

  • Bring two to three extra passport photos with you.

  • Make two photocopies of your passport; leave one copy at home and bring one copy to Europe.

  • You will need a visa only if you plan to visit some East European countries, or/and if you are planning to stay in Spain over 89 days. Visas can be obtained in Europe, although you may wish to obtain them from the appropriate embassy before departure.


You may apply for a passport at most post offices or your local circuit court clerk’s office. You should bring the following when you apply:

  • Passport application. You will need to fill out a passport application at the appropriate passport agency.

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship. You will need either your original birth certificate or a certified copy or a certificate of naturalization or citizenship.

  • Proof of identity. An example of proof of identity is a driver’s license.

  • Two passport photos. Photos must be 2x2 inches, taken against a white background and may be either color or black-and-white.

  • Passport fee. The fee for a passport is $85.

Rail Europe Pass

  • Plan to purchase a rail pass only if you intend to travel independently during or after the academic program.

  • Enclosed is an application for a Rail Europe pass should you desire to purchase one.

  • You may purchase optional pass protection which protects against loss and theft up to 100% reimbursement of the unused portion of the pass. The cost is $14 and must be purchased at the time of issuance. If pass protection is not purchased, then no reimbursement is possible for a lost or stolen pass.


  • Make reservations on popular trains.

  • Plan to arrive on an early train if you don’t have hotel reservations at your destination.

  • Bring your own food and drink (the water in train bathrooms is not drinkable!).

  • European train schedules use military time, e.g. 12.00 means noon and 24.00 means midnight.

  • Use pushcarts if you have lots of luggage.

  • If on a “sleeper” train, be careful to position your luggage/valuables/handbags near your person to make them inaccessible to thieves. If napping on a train, put your handbags/valuables under your arm.

Health & vaccination information

  • It is recommended that you have up-to-date routine immunizations, including tetanus, MMR, and, polio.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to consult with your family doctor or local health department to obtain information about recommended vaccinations for travel to Europe. You should also refer to the enclosed insert from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for a list of recommended vaccinations. The CDC website at provides additional health and travel information.

  • Please refer to the enclosed Consular Information Sheet provided by the Department of State for information on entry requirements, safety and security, crime, medical facilities, medical insurance, health, customs regulations, criminal penalties, and emergency assistance in Spain.


Emergencies can occur when students are participating in study abroad programs. KIIS provides full support to students in an emergency. It is suggested, however, that at least one family member be equipped with a valid passport in the event that it is necessary to make an emergency trip abroad (see Applying for a Passport in Part I of this packet).

Cancellation of a program in progress

In the event that KIIS cancels a program and returns the student to the United States for any reason, the amount of the program fee will be refunded to the student minus already expended funds.

Health Insurance

  • You must provide KIIS proof that you have personal medical and accident insurance for the entire period of the program.

  • Check your family insurance plan; you are probably covered by it. If you are not covered by a family insurance policy, the International ID card does include a limited health insurance policy (see for coverage amounts).

  • It is important to be aware of what procedures for payment/reimbursement will be required by your particular medical insurance company. Most U.S. companies will not make payment directly to a foreign doctor or hospital. In the event of illness or accident, students must be prepared to pay cash to the foreign doctor or hospital, and be responsible for obtaining receipts to submit for reimbursement by their U.S. medical insurer. Be prepared by knowing your insurer’s guidelines.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

  • We recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance to cover your full program fee. This recommendation is made because:

  • If you need to cancel your participation before group departure for any of the “covered reasons” designated by your policy, you may be able to recoup the $1,000 KIIS cancellation fee plus the amount already expended on your behalf (see KIIS Refund Policy on

  • If you must leave the program after it begins for any of the “covered reasons” designated by your policy, you may be able to recoup a large portion of your program fees.

  • If a terrorism event causes the cancellation of the program after it begins, you may be able to recoup any non-recoverable expenses. Examine carefully what the policy does and does not cover. Make sure that your policy lists terrorism as a covered reason for trip cancellation.

  • For comparisons of trip cancellation insurance products, go to

  • If you purchase trip cancellation insurance, you should deal directly with the insurance company.


  • All participants must register for at least twelve hours for credit (not audit).

  • Enclosed in this packet is a final list of courses, including any additions or deletions necessitated by enrollment figures. If you have a special situation or need regarding course load, please contact the program director.

Murray State University Students

  • Pick up a Racer Touch registration form either at your advisor’s office or the KIIS office.

  • Complete the form, but do not fill in any entry numbers.

  • Return the form to the KIIS office, 312 Faculty Hall; do not register yourself by phone.

Undergraduate Students at Other Colleges & Universities

  • Complete the front and back of the enclosed blue registration sheet;

FRONT: Under Schedule fill in only the columns entitled Department Abbrev. and Course

Number only. The line that begins with Amount Paid $_______ is for use by

the accounting department at Murray State; leave it blank. Sign the form

at the bottom.

BACK: Check (1) New Student and complete the remainder of the form. Complete and

check Visiting/Transient Student in the Undergraduates Only section.

  • If you will be graduating in May and will be applying these courses towards graduate credit, you must also have an official transcript sent to the Admissions Office at Murray State University as soon as grades and degrees for the spring semester are posted. The transcript must be mailed by the registrar’s office. A transcript issued to the student is not acceptable.

Graduate Students at Other Colleges & Universities

  • Complete the front and back of the enclosed blue registration sheet (see directions for undergraduate students) except check Visiting Graduate Student on the back of the form.

  • Ask the dean of your graduate program to send a letter to KIIS that you are in good academic standing in the graduate program, that you have permission to participate in the KIIS program and that the credit will be accepted (this letter should also have the school seal).

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