Kent's Aphorisms and Precepts from extemporaneous lectures Saisie, mise en pages, traduction française et commentaires par le Docteur Robert Séror, Médecin homéopathe généraliste à f – 64400 Oloron Sainte Marie

When the dose is too large to cure, man receives it as a sickness

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When the dose is too large to cure, man receives it as a sickness.


  1. Susceptibility exists in the Vital Force, and not in the tissues.


  1. Measles and Smallpox are not on the outside. Man is protected on the outside, and is attacked from the inside when there is susceptibility.


  1. There are degrees in susceptibility. The Old School calls a certain kind of susceptibility "Idiosyncrasy," though they have failed to find out what this is.


  1. Think how susceptible a man is to sickness, when the Rhus vine will poison him when he is on the windward side, half a mile away.


  1. An individual may be susceptible to nothing else ; gross, coarse, vigorous in constitution ; yet there is one thing he is susceptible to, and that is what he needs.


  1. The signs are visible, but the Esse is invisible.


  1. The tendency of the human mind to run after things visible, that can be felt with the fingers, leads one to adopt foolish theories like the Bacteria doctrine and the Molecular theory.


  1. A physician above all men if not innocent should be anything else but a Doctor. A bad man has only coarse, vicious ideas of the human heart.


  1. When a man thinks from the microscope, and his neighbor's opinion, he thinks falsely. Nothing good can come from this. Evil must take place, and changes, which are the ultimates of his internal thought, will take place in the body.


  1. The time may come when Homeopathy of the purer kind will be popular, but it is a very long time ahead.


  1. Some have been confused by primary and secondary effects of medicine. You need not worry over this. You only need to know that certain symptoms follow each other. Primary and secondary action reverse themselves in different individuals.


  1. The sharper the edge of the tool you fool with the more harm you can do ; so it is with high potencies in unskilled hands.


  1. A remedy is not known simply because it has been used upon the sick. That is a confirmation only, and gives more ripened knowledge.


  1. The rational mind can go far beyond the idea of a molecule.


  1. The Homoeopathic physician who thinks in quantities only, has such a crude mind that he cannot realize true Homceopathy.


  1. The old Philosophers were engaged in constant controversy, here converging, there diverging. If they had only known something of Simple Substance, as does the Homoeopath, they would have had confirmation.


  1. In chemistry one color obliterates another. This is an illustration of the outermost changes. The causes of such change lie in the primitive substance and not in the external form ; so it is with the causes of cure.


  1. Homoeopaths have a consciousness of what life is, what the life force is, what the nature of disease is, and can apply to all theories of the world our measure and test them. They can realize the philosophies.


  1. There is nothing in the outer world but what is representative.


  1. The song that is within the heart is a million times more intense, more beautiful, than can be produced by the larynx. Everything that is, or appears as real before the eyes, or to the ear in sound, is only representation of the real world ; because everything of this character is perishable.


  1. All Art has its Internal and External. If music is in the soul it will give the outward reflected image of the delight which is song.


  1. The world to-day accepts things perfectly incongruous and calls them science. Modern science accepts nothing which cannot be heard, felt, or seen.


  1. Take a body of scientific men : after a lengthy discussion the conclusion is, that "we have concluded so and so," by the majority, after a general average is taken, and the conclusion is Science.


  1. The microscopist has failed to show that there is no Vital Force, no Simple Substance, no Dynamis in drugs seen, and how can we expect him to foretell when the substance cannot be seen ?


  1. The different Philosophies do not agree about the Simple Substance, upon which they all touch in theory. They have no confirmation which could be had in the Homoeopathic potencies, and in their action upon the sick.


  1. The personal stamp is upon every disease and upon every proving, and the individual must be permitted to stamp himself upon the disease as well as upon the proving.


  1. There are no two things alike in the universe. This is so of diseases and of sick people, of thousands of crystals of the same salt. No two stars are alike. When this thought presents itself to the mind of the physician, he can see that no remedy can be substituted for another.


  1. A disease may be suppressed by a medicine as well as by a stronger dissimilar disease.


  1. In Epilepsy, so long as Bromides suppress, nature is paying more attention to the disease of Bromides than to the disease of Epilepsy.


  1. Epilepsy is not a disease ; you cannot prescribe for Epilepsy. The symptoms which represent the nature of the sickness are not in the fit, but those which the patient has had in infancy up to the time of the fit.


  1. The Homoeopathic remedy only becomes Homoeopathic when it has established its curative relation ; the relation between two dynamic influences.


  1. Homoeopathicity is the relation between the symptoms of the patient and the remedy which will cure,


  1. Homoeopathy is in applied science not a theory.


  1. It is an injustice to Science to practice without exact knowledge and reasons for what you do. The whole world is but a swirl of this round-about inheritance instead of knowledge,


  1. If we could accept opinion we should have to go back to Allopathy, because we find there only a record of man's experiments ; a mass of heterogeneous opinions.


  1. Experience teaches the Allopath to give Muriatic acid in Germany for Typhoid Fever, Nitric acid in England, cold bathing in Paris for the same. This is the doctrine of the Old School by "experience."


  1. It is an injustice to one's self to remain in bigotry, intolerance and hatred.


  1. When you have discovered that this Life Force resides in a simple substance you see at once that death is not an entity. The body has no life of its own and therefore it cannot die.


  1. Therefore there is no death, but we do observe and perceive that there is a separation, of one that is alive from another that never was alive ; a disjunction of that which lives from that which never lived.


  1. That changes in the body correspond to wrong thinking is true. The fault of the world to-day, is reasoning from externals. Man elected in the early part of his history to think from lasts to firsts, and thereby lost his ability to know.


  1. One sick man is to be treated, not the disease.


  1. Man must be studied as he is, as he was, everything of man and of the human race in general, in order to understand disease.


  1. In proportion as man thinks against everything, his country, his God, his neighbor, he wills in favor of himself. Therefore this forms man into the nature of his affections.


  1. Thus man wills against everything but himself. In proportion as he does this he becomes a form of hatred, or a form of self love ; he is that. Allow this to proceed and ultimates are inevitable.


  1. Thus man is what he wills. As his love is, so is his life. When man thinks about the neighbor, he wills one of two things, he wills good to his neighbor or the opposite.


  1. Psora is the evolution of the state of man's will, the ultimate of his sin.


  1. This outgrowth, which has come upon man from living a life of evil willing, is Psora, is the life of Psora.


  1. Now in proportion as a man falsifies truth or mixes or perverts truth ; in proportion as he mixes willing well with willing evil, so does he adulterate his interiors until that state is present.


  1. When Psora had become a complete, ultimation of causes, it became contagious.


  1. Everything that is a thing, has its aura or atmosphere. So as a race or class, the entire human race has its atmosphere or aura also. Each individual has his aura, or atmosphere.


  1. This aura becomes intensified with the growth of evil in the interior of man.


  1. Thinking, willing, and doing, are the three things in life from which finally proceed the chronic miasms.


  1. The whole Miasm in a chronic disease, does not come out in an individual, but in the human race.


  1. The human race exists as a changed Esse.


  1. The Homoeopathic principles, when known, are plain, simple and easily comprehended. They are in harmony with all things known to be true.


  1. It is not a matter of theory, or belief, or opinion ; we must have something more substantial. Homoeopathy must rest upon facts.


  1. When a microscopist can examine a grain of wheat, and tell whether it will grow if planted in favorable soil, he may be of use to Homoeopathy. When he can examine a smallpox crust and tell whether it is still contagious, or whether its power has been destroyed by heat, then he may be of use. When he can examine the Aconite root and tell how it will affect man, we can do away with provings, but we have to enter by a different door.


  1. One cannot afford to be liberal with principle.


  1. When you make failures you may be sure that they are within yourself. If you think the failure is in Homceopathy you will begin your corrections on the wrong side of the ledger.


  1. All quick prescribing depends upon the ability to grasp comparatively the symptoms.


  1. If you do not know sickness you are apt to think all things strange and unique.


  1. Sharp prescribing is attended with immediate results. If you do sharp work you will see frequent aggravations of the remedy. When you do poor work you never see them.


  1. True pathology is entirely unknown to the medical profession outside of Homoeopathy. It is morbid anatomy alone that is known.


  1. If you love Homceopathy it will love you ; such is natural charity.


  1. One who is vicious in his real life, may preserve a placid exterior for a time, but will be shunned by good people ere long.


  1. We owe no obedience to man, not even to our parents, after we are old enough to think for ourselves. We owe obedience only to Truth.


  1. When old symptoms return, there is hope. That is the road to cure and there is none other.


  1. The physician spoils his case when he prescribes for the local symptoms and neglects the patient,


  1. It is an entirely different business to comfort from what it is to cure.


  1. What is man ? Is he a body ? If so we are justified in thinking of his parts, his liver, and lungs, and skin, and extremities, and his body as a whole. But we are to consider man as from the life to the body.


  1. Man is made up of what he is. The very is, or being, or Esse of man is his will. The difference between two human beings would scarcely be more than the will.


  1. The will is expressed in the face ; hence the difference of countenance of people. Has the murderer and evil-doer a placid face.


  1. What a man wills to do is his life and character.


  1. Proceeding from the will is man's understanding. If the will is good to obey the commandments, he selects his very education in accordance with it.


  1. Memory is the gateway to man. The outermost envelope of this Esse is formed to be a receptacle for the will, the understanding, and the memory.


  1. The upright man whose desires are good, wants the truth. His perceptions are intensified.


  1. A prejudiced mind, decides without wisdom the way be wants to have it.


  1. Every man has his affections, his pet theory to subdue.


  1. These things enter into the symptomatology. Hence know the human heart.


  1. Man, to-day, is destroyed as to his interiors, so that truth looks as black as smoke, and false philosophy as bright as the sun.


  1. The outer world is the world of results. The inner world not discoverable by the senses, but by the understanding.


  1. When we conceive that innumerable causes may give rise to the same pathological conditions we see that the pathological condition in itself, cannot furnish us with the slightest idea of the remedy.


  1. Under Homoeopathic treatment progress of chronic disease the highest degree of susceptibility must be present, until a cure sometimes becomes possible.


  1. When you look at morbid anatomy from the symptomatology you are looking at it from the interior. Morbid anatomy must not be studied as a basis for prescription making.


  1. Irregular action expressed in signs and symptoms is the disease. The disturbance in the Vital Substance has no other means by which it can make itself known to the intelligent physician. This is in accordance with law. This leaves morbid anatomy out of the question.


  1. You need not expect great things when you have only pathological symptoms.


  1. When pathological changes have gone on extensively the symptoms withdraw, seemingly discouraged that there is no physician. So soon as a patient falls into the hands of a real physician the symptoms become orderly.


  1. Unit of action in health, unit of action in sickness, unit of action in cure, all are one.


  1. The Old School Materia Medica is known only to the Homeopath. To the Allopath it is really unknown.


  1. It would seem as if the Old School would have asked long ago " What are the effects of drugs upon healthy people ? " Their experiments on animals do not answer this.


  1. " This remedy has proved useful in such and such conditions," they say. Homoeopaths know that such medicine has produced such and such effects on provers.


  1. Man is more susceptible to drugs than to a disease, because their action may be forced upon the economy.


  1. In disease the highest degree of susceptibility must be present.


  1. One who is not acute in observation, goes through life, seeing only indifferent similarity. Most men only know the toxic power of a drug.


  1. Man is susceptible to all things capable of producing similar symptoms to those which he already has.


  1. The record of symptoms derived from cases of poisoning, is the poorest kind of evidence for the Homoeopathic Materia Medica. They are useful only as collateral evidence.


  1. Individualization is blocked by this inability to distinguish between the finer features of sickness and of medicines.


  1. With the true physician, discrimination is not with the eye alone ; the consciousness of discrimination seems to occupy his entire economy.


  1. No two remedies are absolutely equal in their similitude.


  1. The whole aim of Homoeopathy is to cure.


  1. He who sees not in Bright's Disease the deep Miasm back of it, sees not the whole disease, but only the finishing of a long course of symptoms which have been developing for years.


  1. The law of sickness, is the law of sickness, whether produced by drug or disease. It is the law of influx.


  1. It is inconsistent and irrational to think that there are several active diseases in the body at the same time.


  1. Take the simplest form of substance known to have life. If we subject it to physical and chemical forces it is killed ; it no longer moves, feeds, propagates, or can be killed. There is then, something that can be withdrawn by physical force. Can we not perceive that 'tis a something added to these forces that makes it alive ? It is not merely a motion of this substance, for move as you will, it is dead. Something is withdrawn, which can only come within the perception of the understanding.


  1. These simple substances are the primitive powers of the earth. Gravitation must be something or we could not predicate anything of it.


  1. Only quality can be predicated of the Simple Substance.


  1. What things can we predicate of the Simple Substance ? It cannot be found by Chemistry, nor seen with the eye, nor felt with the fingers. It must have a medium of operation, in order that it may become manifest to the sensorium.


  1. For example, Electricity and the machine. Electricity is a simple substance, and needs the conductor to make it manifest. Until Electricity was discovered through a medium, it was unknown.


  1. Cohesion is a primitive substance, and will obey all the laws that govern primitive substance ; so also is the Vital Force.


  1. Light also is a simple substance, and will obey all the laws laid down for Vital Force.


  1. This Primitive Substance abides in everything that grows, or has individuality or identity. It is the Vicegerent of the Soul.


  1. If the Primitive Substance is normal, that which it creates is normal. Disease, which flows into the body, comes from within by influx through this Primitive Substance.


  1. All motion, harmony and order, are due to Simple Substance. It not only operates all things, but is the cause of operation of all substances that are material. The very sounds of the forest have harmony and co-operation.


  1. All matter is capable of reduction to its "radiant or primitive form".


  1. Contagion does not come by quantity but by quality.


  1. The quality of contagion is similar in its nature to the cure.


  1. The symptoms, themselves, point to the thing which the individual is sensitive to, and every one is susceptible in just this way to the remedy that will cure. That which he most wants, is that which Nature has provided him with the means of reaching out after by the symptoms.


  1. A patient may be poisoned by a crude drug, when the substance potentized would have cured him. The individual comes in contact with too much of something he is sensitive to, and gets sick.


  1. If a man were in perfect health he would not be susceptible.


  1. The same susceptibility is necessary to prove a drug, as to take a disease. That is the Homoeopathic relation. Hence we see what contagion is.


  1. We now see that we have something substantial ; that something is disturbed by something as invisible and substantial, as itself. These two, coming together, disturb each other under fixed laws relating to Primitive Substance.


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