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The endorsement/supplemental of a teacher’s certificate or license, valid for teaching the subject of learner’s named, shall be issued to an individual who holds a baccalaureate degree; who is deemed to be of good moral character; who has successfully completed an approved program of preparation and who has been recommended by the dean or head of teacher education at an approved institution. The endorsement/provisional shall be limited to the age and grade levels listed on the teacher certification or license (3301-24-05 Item D).
Instruction for the Career Based Intervention Program is provided by a certified or licensed teacher coordinator who directs the related classroom study and coordinates it with on-the-job experiences. CBI Programs offer work-based learning experiences (both paid and unpaid) in many different options including semi-skilled occupations.
Career Based Intervention endorsement shall require a baccalaureate degree, two years of successful teaching experience under a professional early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, or Career Technical certificate or license, and one year of full time work experience outside of education.
This is the preferred sequence of courses at Kent State University for CBIP endorsement but you are permitted to start this program at any step. Certain courses may be available in the Distance Learning Format, if enrollment allows, with special permission and provisions.

Contact CTTE Coordinator, Dr. Patrick O’Connor, for further information.



Credit Hours

**Summer (Step 1)______ CTTE 50093 Worksite Coordinator (VT WKSP-CTTE).…..……...2.0

**Only offered annually in a one week workshop format last full week of July, 8:30am-3:30pm, M – F.

You can register for this workshop through Flashline after you have been admitted to the College of EHHS.

*Fall (Step 2) ­_­­­­________ CTTE 56019 COORD CAR TECH COOP ED PROG……...……...3.0
*Spring (Step 3) _______ CTTE 56018 DISADVANTAGED YOUTH IN CTTE….………….3.0
*Summer (Step 4) ______ CTTE 56020 CURRIC DESIGN & APPLICATION…………….…3.0

Total Credits 11.0

______________________________ _____________________________ _________________

Student Signature Advisor Signature Date

*Depicts courses that may be offered in the distance learning format.

Contact Dr. O’Connor for further information.

You may contact our (Career Technical Teacher Educator) CTTE Program in these ways:

CTTE Main Office phone number 330 672-2656

Dr. Patrick J. O’Connor, CTTE Program Coordinator (

Kent State University, PO Box 5190,

School of TLC, Career Technical Teacher Educator Program (CTTE)

150 Terrace Dr., 412 White Hall

Kent, OH 44242-0001

SUMMER, 2012
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