Keeping the laws of god


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I said that this matter - of whether the civil and moral laws of God are still in force - is important to us as a ministry. That is because we are exhorting our leaders to frame laws modelled on the righteous laws of God. If those laws have been nailed to the cross along with our sins, then we obviously have no spiritual leg to stand on. MPs, Peers and people in public life are not going to listen to us because we are nice people. Our only authority to speak to them, as well as our only weapon against the wicked, is the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God. If that Word - or three-quarters of it - has been abolished, then we are rendered dumb.

Many Christian Voice members are following the Christian Voice Lamplight Bible Reading plan this year, reading through the entire Bible in one year. We have already read perhaps the most amazing day in the whole year, when we read in Exodus 26 of the erection of the veil of the temple, and then in Luke 23:45 that when our Lord died on the Cross, the veil of the temple was rent in two. If nothing else in the Bible showed that our Lord's work on the Cross was to fulfil end complete the Temple sacrifices, do away with the priesthood of Aaron and provide us with direct access to the Holy of Holies, that single verse would be enough.

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