Keep on Walking Beer flowing in the bar downtown. Drunk with his head in the toilet thinks he’s getting baptized. Keep on walking. Dumb kid in the kitchen yelling at his mom, better get in there and take him downtown

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Keep on Walking

Beer flowing in the bar downtown. Drunk with his head in the toilet thinks he’s getting baptized. Keep on walking. Dumb kid in the kitchen yelling at his mom, better get in there and take him downtown. Keep on walking. Well this town ain’t what it used to be, it’s all that we’ve got. Drug dealer in the trailer helping us kill our innocence. Keep on walking.


Jane’s working own by the bay in the place her daddy owns. The old dogs come in on the weekend. Telling their stories about the big city wolves, their faces are tired and she takes it away with a smile and a whiskey. The county boys sit under the television and waste away like old pictures out in the rain. She always said this job was something temporary. We may be young and poor, my sweet little Jane, but everything’s gonnabe alright. The city boys lick their wounds at the counter before heading home to their wives and shiny brand new things. Working hard to get us to that place with the trees and river sliding by. You’re coming with me to the good life.

Snap Out Of It

Hello, my name is Rock n Roll. A song sung for the brave souls on the rough edge of life. Desensitized, the screen robs me till I’m dead and gone. Snap out of it, this life is too short for it. We belong to the good generation. So much soul is left for the living. Stand for what’s right. Live your life. Illuminate the lost ones. I was born with a fire lit inside my veins. You were too, that’s what makes us the same. We are the same. I feel your pain.


It drives me crazy, every time I see you. And you make me lazy, I feel like a fool. And you piss me off, till I’m at the boiling point. And I get drunk, but it’s in good fun. I’m a swirling tornado baby. Gonna drag you around. But you’re not gonna feel good honey. You’re gonna be put down. I see you acting, half your own age. You’re not a good person, filled with rage. I’m better. I’m stronger. I’ve moved on and I’ve made new friends.

Devil’s Chain Gang

Hell hounds growl and the devil chain gang. Working hard and it’s hot as hell. Bastards whip us with metal snakes. Oh God it cuts deep. Sun pressing down hard on us. Dirt is filled with dead decay. We whistle a prisoner song. Hammer down and break them stones. They won’t let us go.

Dust Bowl

Two hitchhikers looking for a ride. “I can give you a ride into town.” “We ain’t looking for any trouble.” “I’m just trying to lend a helping hand.” Campfire light lit by straw. Scarecrow’s jacket in the fall. They said the river’s run dry. Welcome to the dustbowl. We share all the knowledge we know. I read Orwell, you read Thoreau. Well it sure is lovely to have a friend on the road. There’s a deep thunder overhead gonna be a hell of a lightning storm. It feels good my friend to know you won’t face it alone. On the road.

Summer Roadtrip

Caged heart. Looking for some freedom. Power lines. Electricity. Electric city. Summer roadtrip, me and friends are getting real high. Through the Southwest on an herbal timeline dive. Canyon river. Can you see clearer? Purple cactus. Could it be a mirage? Stop right there, there’s beauty from this sight

Natural, Lyrical

Tell me, how does it feel when we get off the phone? And how does it feel when I tell my stupid jokes? You play it so cool. Stay in the groove, you know what you want. Strong as an oak. Your breaks never get too hot. You stay in control, shows me that you’re not just an ordinary. Honey, you’re extraordinary and I think I’m gonna get me some. Natural, lyrical, sexual spiritual. Wonderful. When will I see you again? Let’s slow it down. The music’s between the notes. I wanna get to know ya so I can see ya the way you really are. Don’t worry about a single thing.


Lights on, radio flicker on. Engines roar. Arms are sore. Let the beast go. Let her go. Young girl with the red skirt on. Dark brown eyes. Push the pedal down on the devil’s face. Teenage gods only got one shot. Make it through the next stop. Oh baby now. Somehow I see the ghost of a runaway fool of love. We’re racing through the city. Fly your soul through the wind. There is gold in everything. Driving in the wrong direction. Rose petal sky and the lightning connecting. Wooden bridge that’s slowly sinking. Bottom of the river where the fish are sleeping.


Your child is never home when you want her to be. She has to get the last word in every time you meet. She breaks the walls down just to be a bad girl. She takes her time just to show the world she is proud. She walks the wrong walk. She talks the wrong style. She is just a child. And she wears the different clothes that everybody wishes nobody owned. She’s her.

The Jam (Riches)

He’s a cool guy. He likes to buy allthe finest things out there. No one ever tells him no. She’s a princess, gets the best. World’s handed to her on a. The cameras flash just to show this lovely lifestyle but what are we gonna do about it? What are we gonna say to them? Should we really give a damn? Well the whole world’s got you on a pedestal that you don’t deserve. It’s something that folks like my friends and I don’t understand.

Man Of My Word

We made a connection after the show. Talking (romancing) in your car till the early morning. You told me things I didn’t know. We were supposed to meet at four o’clock today but you still haven’tcalled. Maybe you’re scared. You’ve been hurt before. Well I ain’t like the other guys. I’m a man of my word. Tell me the truth baby, I don’t mind. Just don’t leave me hanging on the end of the line. What’s goingon? I just can’t seem to get you off my...

Dance And A Smile

Pretty honey come out tonight and hear me play. I’ve been lonely for a while and wouldn’t mind a dance and a smile. Things ought to be simple cause there ain’t no burden to bear. No secrets to keep and just an easy breeze to keep us cool. The whiskey can’t touch what we know. The fools will never tear us down. Huntin’ down the passionthat kept me lost in my thoughts. Lookin’ for the woman who stole my soul. The whiskey can’t touch what we know. The fools will never tear us down, tear us down. And it’ll all be simple this time around.

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